Instructions to get free PUBG Mobile map on server India

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It is known that PUBG Mobile is a game with many events for gamers to receive free items. Now, to celebrate India’s 73rd Independence Day, PUBG Mobile has released a new player-only event in India, the PUBG Mobile Independence Day Challenge.

By joining PUBG Mobile India server, playing and completing quests from events, players will be rewarded with Freedom Tokens and exchange them for various rewards. There are coupons, headgear, gun skins, parachutes and more for you to get during the event.

pubg mobile may chu india
Get free Skeleton set, AKM gun skin and Scar-L PUBG Mobile

Instructions to get free PUBG Mobile map on server India

To be able to participate in the PUBG Mobile event at the India server, you need to use VPN converter software. And here we recommend VPN Unlimited, the fastest VPN switch app available today.

Step 1: Download and install VPN Unlimited on your phone

– Link to download Android version: VPN Unlimited for Android
– Link to download iOS version: VPN Unlimited for iPhone

Step 2: Start VPN Unlimited, select Best Server =>Server 1 => Turkey (This is a completely free roaming area, does not require Coins, so you will not spend time accumulating virtual money) as shown below.

pubg mobile may chu india 2

Step 3: Go to PUBG Mobile, select item Event (Event). Here you can participate in many activities, events of the server India, click Independence Day Challenge =>Play Now to go to PUBG Mobile Independence Day Challenge event center on server India.

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Get Skeleton set, AKM skin and Scar-L PUBG Mobile India

According to PUBG Mobile publisher information in India, this Independence Day Challenge will last from August 14 to August 31. However, you only have until August 27 to complete the task. service. There are 4 ways for you to get Freedom Tokens in PUBG Mobile Independence Day Challenge.

pubg mobile may chu india 4
Exchange Freedom Tokens for Skeleton shirts, umbrellas and hats at the India server

– Login bonus: All you have to do is log in to the game and instantly you will get many items and Freedom Tokens from PUBG Mobile.
– Tiers Dash: As you reach the different tiers, the game will give you some Freedom Tokens, premium inventory shards, and BP rewards.
– Guild mission: By completing your clan quests, you will get more Freedom Tokens and Silver Shards.
– Firepower: Each day, you will be given quests that can only be completed with “Weapons of the Day”. If you complete them, you’ll get a chance to win weapon skins and Freedom Tokens.

pubg mobile may chu india 5
You will only have 2 weeks to complete the quest in this event

If you’re lucky enough, you can get some exclusive items like Thunderous armor or Skeleton set (including parachute), Scar-L gun skin and many other rewards during the PUBG Mobile event on the occasion of National Day. Khanh in India.
For some people, it is not very interesting to reveal rank or rating information in PUBG Mobile game, we will show you how hide PUBG Mobile personal informationcareer for others here, with just a few simple steps you can do it.

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