Instructions to download and play Egg Finder

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Egg Finder will definitely be an entertaining mobile game to help you relax after stressful working and studying hours, your task in the game will be to move animals, overcome obstacles and eat many eggs. Before reaching the finish line, it’s already very attractive to hear, isn’t it, so what are you waiting for, download and play Egg Finder with right away.

No need to spend too much play, no need to calculate and think much, just a little ingenuity and quickness that you can pass the levels in the game. Egg Finder Easily.

egg finder and egg finder game

Egg Finder – Fun action game on the phone

Instructions to download and play Egg Finder

1. Instructions for downloading and installing Egg Finder game

=> Link to download Egg Finder for Android
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=> Link to download Egg Finder for iOS
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On the browser you are using, download and install the Egg Finder game on your phone in one of the two links above in accordance with the operating system of your device.

how to play egg finder game

2. Egg Finder Game Instructions

Click egg icon at the main game interface to start playing Egg Finder. How to play is very simple, you just need click on the animal on the screen to eat the eggs along the way before reaching the finish line.

how to play egg finder game

At the end of each level in Egg Finder you will receive a reward of Cherry . To double the reward received, you can click to view the ad.

ear egg finder for android

In Egg Finder, there will be random times when the game gives players free cherries.

ear egg finder for iphone

The difficulty level in the game will increase gradually after each level. If you do not move skillfully, you will hit an obstacle and have to start over or watch an ad to continue that level.

how to fix egg finder game

hack game egg finder

Item Cherry in Egg Finder will be used to buy special skins. You will use 1000 cherries to spin random skins. If you do not have the required number of cherries, you can watch an ad to receive more.

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Above are the instructions of to show you how to download and play Egg Finder on your phone. In addition, if you are passionate about fun shooting action games, you can refer to How to play Hitmasters game HERE

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