Instructions to download and install Blade & Soul Revolution emulator on PC

Blade & Soul Revolution

Blade & Soul Revolution is the Mobile version of the legendary role-playing game Blade and Soul. And currently, the game has opened the Global server, but it has not supported the Vietnam region. To be able to download and experience this attractive game, you can follow the instructions in the article below.

Blade & Soul Revolution

Instructions to download and install Blade & Soul Revolution emulator on PC

Choose the right emulator

First of all, you need to know that the configuration to run BnS Revolution requires quite high. So, whether it’s a phone or a PC, it takes powerful hardware to run this game smoothly. In addition, the emulator also plays a very important role to help players experience better graphics and controls in the game. There are 3 best emulators to run Blade & Soul Revolution:

  • Bluestacks: Old emulator and has the best stability and power. However, Bluestacks consumes an extremely large amount of computer resources; When using this emulator to run BnS Revolution, the player must definitely own a PC with a high configuration to be able to run smoothly.

Download Bluestacks App Player

  • Nox Player: Nox is slightly lighter than Bluestack, and also responds well to high-graphics titles like Blade and Soul. This emulator also provides almost a full range of tools to help players customize and optimize their game play. It can be said that it is an emulator that balances performance and quality.

Download Nox Player

  • LDPlayer: Lightest emulator out of 3 softwares. LDPlayer, although born after the two seniors above, has quickly won the trust and support of the majority of gamers. Because, LDPlayer is extremely light and consumes less computer resources. The basic tools and utilities for an emulator are also fully available on LDPlayer. But of course, in terms of the quality of this emulator’s game-building can not be as good as the 2 seniors above. If you use LDPlayer to play BnS Revolution, players will have to sacrifice a bit of stability and image quality in exchange for the performance and minimal resource consumption of this emulator.

Download LDPlayer

Download and install Blade & Soul Revolution using the emulator

The tutorial will use LDPlayer emulator software, other emulators also have the same way.

First of all, to be able to download and install BnS Revolution without roaming (because the game does not support the region of Vietnam), you need to download more Taptap application for your emulator. The installation is very simple, just download the APK file of Taptap below, then drag and drop to the emulator to install.

Download Taptap apk

Once Taptap is installed, press the button LD shop.

LD shop

In the store, type in the phrase search box Blade and Soul Revolution to go to the game’s settings page.

Enter search keywords

Press the button Setting.


Click open with the app Tap (Do not select Google Play).

Huong dan BnS Revolution 4 - Emergenceingame

App Tap, press the button Setting.


Request application permission, continue to press the button Setting at the bottom of the screen to start downloading Blade & Soul Revolution.


Wait a moment for the game to download and install, you can go in and experience it.

Wish you all success!

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