Instructions to change Facebook dating location

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The Facebook dating feature is very comfortable for users when it allows you to change the location of Facebook dating to suit where you are from from standing to distance.

allows users to connect lonely Facebook accounts together. Users of the Facebook dating feature have many options and are also allowed Facebook dating location change depending on your location using Facebook. Thread to help users use Facebook dating Better yet, this article will show you how to change your Facebook dating location on your phone.

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Change Facebook dating location

Instructions to change Facebook dating location

– Load Messenger for Android here.
– Load Messenger for iPhone here.

Step 1: To be able to change the location of Facebook dating, we just need to go to Facebook dating then select the Settings section in the right corner of the Facebook dating interface.

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Step 2: Here you will see there is a dating location feature, click on it then click update dating location to proceed to change Facebook dating location. Please note that this feature will rely on your GPS at the time you click.

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Step 3: In addition, they should set up more distance because this will be the thing that determines the radius of the object you are looking for, of course, depending on your purpose of using Facebook dating and we should Adjust it far or near.

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With just a few basic steps, we can change our Facebook dating location wherever you are. This is a small tip for users to make better use of the Facebook dating feature. Hopefully, through the simple tips in this article, readers have learned a simple but extremely valuable customization for Facebook dating users in the process of finding their other half.
To prepare for a Facebook dating profile, what do you need to do, can you change the profile on Facebook dating or not to get attention from the opposite sex. Let’s see how change profile on Facebook dating to know exactly how.

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