Instructions on how to destroy the bosses in Mega Man X5 – Part 2

Megaman tip 2 - Emergenceingame

Megaman X5 is the 5th version in the Megaman X robot game series and has been associated with the childhood of many gamers. In this part 2, will continue to guide you how to destroy strong bosses in Mega Man X5.

Mega Man X5

You can go to the Training section to practice first

Destroy Ink Monster Squid:

In this level, you will have to ride a motorbike to kill monsters. The only way to be able to ride a motorcycle safely and competently is to practice and die over and over again. While riding, you still have to pay attention to shoot all Metal blocking the road because if you touch it, you will lose your life.

Along the way, pay attention to the small purple beads, don’t ignore them because they will help you get an item for X’s 1st armor. Use the purple beads to explode the item room door. After getting the item, then jump down and shoot the armor. Next, you will encounter machines with weird electric tassels. Shoot at it and then activate the secret iron door. After the iron door you will meet the boss Ink.

Ink has a knack for using sparks and fast movement speed and its weakness is the Ice Whale’s ice bullets. Shoot continuously at Ink and watch out for surprise attacks. You should note that when the monster is almost out of health, it will…slam into you at lightning speed.

After killing Ink, X will receive an electric shot (this ability helps destroy Sigma) and Zero will get an electric Saber knock.

Ice Whale – Ice Whale:

When you appear, there will be a big ship running above you, destroy the locomotive. You must continue to run forward, this ship will both chase and shoot the “fish” towards you, while running and looking back to shoot them. When it comes to a section, it will pull out a huge Laser machine. Quickly jump on the wall without being hit by bullets, wait after it finishes firing, then continue because you have not destroyed that Laser machine yet.

After firing about 3, 4 laser bullets, it will appear a stream of blood, now slash and finish it. After hitting the locomotive, continue to fight with the stern. Use Zero to slash at that tail repeatedly. When fighting, remember to avoid the missiles on your head by jumping and slashing (Panther’s move). If it’s X, you have to dodge bullets and gather your palms and shoot.

Mega Man X5

Destroy the locomotive, when it explodes, immediately jump away

Next, you have to fight the hull of the monstrous ship’s last part. Sit down and slash or explode all 4 guns on the hull. There will be a small glass on the hull, destroy it, shoot and dodge until you win. When the hull explodes, you have to jump up the revolving door to meet the boss Ice Whale.

Ice Whale’s weakness is fear of Panther bullets, its forte is to create ice and then insert you into the wall. When it’s almost out of health it will swim back and use the ice push, and push it straight at you. Try to dodge that last hit and then hit it to finish it off.

Above are suggestions on how to destroy the boss, get items in the game. Good luck with your project and enjoy the game!

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