Instructions for using the weapons of the game Dauntless

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Dauntless is a free action game on Windows, PS4 and Xbox One operating systems, Dauntless players get to kill monsters through a variety of weapons, each with different damage and shape. each other, and the following article will guide you to use the weapons in the game Dauntless.

At the beginning of the Dauntless game, you will find yourself having to choose from many different weapons such as dual blades, swords, axes, hammers … with each weapon gamers will have different skill moves and here is how to divide the character system of Dauntless.

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Dauntless – Monster fighting action RPG on PC, Ps4 and Xbox One

– Link to download PS4 version: Dauntless for PS4
– Link to download Xbox One version: Dauntless for Xbox One

Instructions for using the weapons of the game Dauntless

1. Sword (Sword)

A versatile weapon, the Sword is a very reliable weapon for both new and experienced players. This weapon has a fairly fast attack scale, as well as a number of combos that the player can use to increase the amount of damage dealt to monsters. The amount of damage done to the Behemoth with your Sword will also activate a special ability, allowing you to activate it and deal extra damage with each swing. If you want something that allows you to both attack and defend, Sword will give you good attack speed, as well as plenty of opportunities to escape and dodge enemy attacks.

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2. Ax (Ax)

The next weapon on our list is the Ax. There are different types of Ax that the player can equip that has the ability to attack and move slower, however these attacks can be able to deal more normal damage than other weapons. The biggest thing to keep in mind with the Ax is that you’ll need to anticipate the enemy’s movement and then try to attack in the direction it moves. If you are hunting alone, we recommend against using this particular weapon, as its attacks are slow and the faster Behemoths in Dauntless are easy to dodge.

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3. Hammer

The Hammer in Dauntless is exactly what you’d expect, a blunt but high-damage weapon that moves slowly and is capable of breaking Behemoth parts. The biggest downside you have with the Hammer, aside from it’s much slower attack than other weapons, is that it can’t sever the Behemoth’s parts. This means that the Behemoth tail or tusks cannot be severed with this weapon, so you’ll need to bring a cutable weapon if you’re looking for those items.

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4. Chain Blades

As the only dual melee combat weapon available in Dauntless, the Chain Blades are arguably the fastest attack weapon available to Slayers. These weapons require precise combinations of the user if they want to avoid attacks and get the most out of their hits. Perhaps the most useful part of Chain Blade is that you can attack with Throws to hit enemies from a safe distance. It’s a good way to combine ranged and melee areas together, it’s easy to switch between the two. You can also use your special skill, which you can then use to dodge or your opponent’s side.

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5. War Pike

The War Pike is undoubtedly one of the most powerful weapons, allowing the player to attack the Behemoth from near and far. This weapon also includes a unique paced attack that can be easily used by new players. The Piercing Attack will allow you to injure parts of the Behemoth, dealing extensive damage across their body, while the Harvest Attack will allow you to slice off the Behemoth’s parts, exposing the areas where you are. may cause damage.

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6. Repeater Ostian

Although the Ostian Repeater is not available directly from the beginning of the game, it is still ranked here because you need to understand it is a weapon that is available to the player. The only true ranged weapon available in the game, the Ostian Repeater has a good balance between attack and defense.
With Taimienphi’s Dauntless Weapons Guide, you’ll understand all the different types of weapons available in the game, use them, and figure out which weapon is best for you. In addition, if you like to play Mordhau game, please refer to Mordhau game configuration here.

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