Instructions for using Energy in Axie Infinity

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In Game Axie Infinity, Energy is a resource needed each time the player fights in Adventure or Arena mode. Here’s everything you need to know about How to use Energy in Axie Infinity.

Everything you need to know about Energy in Axie Infinity

How to use Energy in Axie Infinity

What is Energy in Axie Infinity?

All players in Axie Infinity all have Energy resources – Energy is displayed in the main menu. Players who start with 20/20 Energy and choose to join Arena or Adventure will need 1 Energy point.

Energy will be recharged every day during server reset. The energy system in Axie Infinity will prevent bots from mining rewards, and at the same time, block players from earning too much SLP, adversely affecting this virtual currency market.

Energy in Axie Infinity

Fortunately, there are many ways to increase your Energy limit by owning more Axies.

How Energy works in Axie Infinity

Energy is consumed in both PvE and PvP. However, you can still play either of these modes even without energy, but you won’t get some rewards.

In Arena, you need energy to earn Smooth Love Potion (SLP) rewards. You can still enjoy PvP and climb the leaderboards without Energy. If you play Adventure Mode without Energy, you cannot earn EXP for Axie to upgrade them. However, you still earn up to 50 SLP/1 day in this case.

Note, if you lose a match in Adventure, you will lose Energy and also do not receive EXP. So, try to avoid the difficult Ruin levels, take the time to prepare and upgrade Axie first.

Choose the right mode to plow SLP in Axie Infinity

How to increase Energy in Axie Infinity

You can increase the maximum Energy in Axie Infinity by owning more Axies. This allows you to earn more SLP in a day. Having more Axies will increase the maximum Energy recovered per day after resetting the server.

Number of Axies you own Energy every day
3 – 9 Axie 20 Energy
10 – 19 Axie 40 Energy
20+ Axie 60 Energy

Axie’s stats or attributes don’t matter as long as you have a certain number of Axies in your hand.

Tips to use Energy in Axie Infinity effectively

Conquer levels that match your existing Axie squad.

  • Try to find the highest level of Ruin that you can comfortably farm without dying, to avoid wasting precious energy.
  • When reaching a certain level spammable point that allows you to get max daily SLP, don’t waste Energy on Ruin, better use it on Arena – Where you can get more SLP for every win.
  • Continue to repeat the above strategy until you reach Ruin level 21. You will have an additional 200 SLP bonus once conquering it.

This process can take up to 2 weeks to complete. Therefore, do not be hasty. Be persistent and you will succeed.

Above is How to use Energy effectively in Axie Infinity. Hope the article is useful to you.

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