Instructions for using animal mobs in Minecraft

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Mobs animals in Minecraft will give you a lot of advantages while playing magic squares. This article will help you use animal mobs in Minecraft effectively.

All creatures that live in Minecraft are called Mob. Mob Minecraft includes 3 types: Passive (Passive), Neutral (Neutral), Hostile (Enemy). Animals in Minecraft are part of passive mobs. This article will provide Complete guide to use animal mobs with some other neutral mobs (usually do not harm you) in Minecraft.

First, you need to know how to leash an animal. Point the mouse at the mob you want, take the lead to tie them, then you can walk the animals around or tie the rope to the fence so that they stay in place. Create mob animals as follows: 4 String + 1 Slimball = 2 Lead.

Instructions for using animal mobs in Minecraft

Mob sheep

Mob sheep in Minecraft

Things to know about sheep mob in Minecraft:

  • Sheep give you Wool (wool) and Shear (hair) after being eaten or trimmed. If you kill it, you will only get one block of wool. Conversely, if you cut the hair, you have the opportunity to own up to 3 blocks of wool.
  • Kill the lambs, you get nothing.
  • Sheep can dye their hair on their own, but you can still dye the wool after you receive them. A sheep whose fur is dyed will retain that color no matter how many cuts it goes through. However, you can still dye it when you want.
  • Breeding sheep with wheat (Wheat).
  • When breeding with two sheep of different coat colors, you will get a lamb with the same coat color or a completely different color.
  • Wool is an essential bed material. How to make: 3 Wood Plank + 3 Wool Block = 1 Bed (3 wooden boards + 3 wool blocks = 1 Bed).

Make a dye

  • Poppies / Roses / Red tulips = Red roses
  • Orange Tulip = Orange
  • Dandelion / Sunflower = Yellow color of dandelion flower
  • Orchids blue = Light green
  • Lilacs / Onions = Bright red
  • Peony / Pink Tulips = Pink
  • Green Chrysanthemum / White Chrysanthemum / White Tulip = Light Gray

Color mixing

  • Thanh Kim Stone + Green Cactus = Cyan
  • Thanh Kim Stone + Bone Powder = Light green
  • Thanh Kim Stone + Bone Powder + 2 Red Roses = Magenta
  • Thanh Kim Stone + Pink + Red Rose = Magenta
  • Red Rose + Red Rose Stone = Purple
  • Red Rose + Bone Powder = Light Pink
  • Orange + Yellow dandelion = Orange
  • Inc Sac + Bone meal = Gray
  • Green cactus + Bone meal = Lemon yellow
  • Gray + Bone meal = Light gray
  • Purple + Pink = Magenta

Other dyes

  • Boil cacti in the oven = Cactus green
  • Ink Sac from Squid = Black
  • Bone meal = White
  • Cocoa beans = Brown
  • Diamond Stone = Blue

Pig Mob

Pig Mob in Minecraft

Things to know about pig mobs in Minecraft:

  • Pigs give fresh ribs when the meat is eaten. If killed with fire or lava, you can get a ripe rib if it hasn’t been destroyed the first time.
  • A pig can ride, but you cannot take the saddle off its back.
  • Raising pigs with carrots.
  • If the pig is struck by lightning, it will turn into a Zombie Pigman.

Pig riding

  • You can ride a pig with the saddle on it.
  • To ride him, climb onto the saddle of the pig, tie the rope to his neck and lead him with a stick with a carrot attached.
  • Pigs will gradually eat up the carrots.

Mob and Mooshroom

Mob cows in Minecraft

Things to know about cows:

  • Cows give meat and skin after they are killed.
  • You can milk the cow many times in the iron barrel – Milk can be used as an antidote or as an ingredient in processing.
  • Raising cows with wheat.
  • Calves leave nothing after being killed but can provide milk.

Things to know about Mooshroom

  • Only found in Mooshroom Biome
  • Similar to cows, except in color and with fungus growing on the back.
  • Mooshrooms give meat and skins after being killed.
  • Can be milking several times in a wooden bowl to make mushroom soup.
  • Feed them with wheat.
  • Cut the mushroom with scissors to get the red mushroom (it will then turn into a normal cow and cannot return to its original state).
  • The calf will not leave anything behind after being eaten, but can provide milk and mushrooms.

Chicken mod

Mob chickens in Minecraft

Things to know about chicken mobs in Minecraft:

  • Chicken provides meat and feathers when killed.
  • Chicken give eggs to use when cooking or you can throw and smash them to get the chicks.
  • Raise chickens with wheat, watermelon and pumpkin seeds.
  • Unlike other animals that will die or be injured when falling into a cliff, chickens do not because they can slowly flap their wings to land.

Mod rabbit

Mob rabbit in Minecraft

Things to know about rabbit mobs in Minecraft:

  • Rabbits give fresh / cooked meat, skin, and sometimes rabbit feet.
  • Use cooked rabbit meat to make a stew.
  • Use rabbit feet to cook Mundane Potion and Potion of Leaping.
  • Has Killer Bunny but does not appear suddenly without a command. They have white fur and red eyes.
  • Feed them with carrots and dandelions.

Mob horses, donkeys and mules

Mob horses in Minecraft

Things to know about horse mobs in Minecraft:

  • Horses breed only in plains or savannas.
  • Doesn’t show up often.
  • After taming a horse, you can breed, equip saddle, armor and ride it around.
  • To ride and control this animal mob, you must place a saddle on its back.
  • Raise horses with carrots & yellow apples.
  • Unlike other domesticated animals, the horse will not follow you.
  • You still need to tame the offspring of tamed horse mobs as they get older.
  • You can feed your foal with yellow apples, yellow carrots, apples, wheat, bales of hay, bread and sugar to speed up growth.
  • Jumping while riding can cause a horse to jump over.
  • While riding, you can jump over fences and stone walls.

Things to know about trick mobs in Minecraft:

  • Only breed in plains and savannas.
  • Less common than horses.
  • Leaving skin behind after being killed.
  • Raise donkey mobs with carrots or yellow apples.
  • It takes pureblood to equip it with everything. You can try riding it again many times until you get enough hearts to tame the animal mob.
  • You cannot equip the donkey with armor, but you can put the saddle and crate after pureing it (providing 15 storage positions). Note, it is not possible to remove the inventory on donkey’s back unless the animal dies, after which it will fall off on its own.
  • Trick has no variation, they are all the same.

Things you need to know about mob la in Minecraft:

  • Created by crossbreeding a horse with a donkey, not naturally occurring in the game.
  • Cannot be propagated.
  • Leaving skin behind after being killed.
  • You can equip saddles and chests for mugs, but you cannot equip them with armor.
  • All mules are the same.

Purebred horse / donkey / mule

  • Tame your horse, donkey or mule to ride them.
  • These animals will be able to knock you to the ground several times.
  • The heart indicates that the animal has been trained, you can sit on it but cannot ride or control it until it is seated.

Mob lynx / cat

Mob cats in Minecraft

Things to know about cat mobs in Minecraft:

  • Wildcat is found in the wild and becomes one of 3 breeds of cats that can be domesticated.
  • Not leaving anything behind after being killed.
  • Found in Jungle Biome.
  • Accompany the player and purr after taming.
  • Creepers are afraid of cats and will run away if near them.
  • Easy to fear, so it was difficult to purebred.
  • Thoroughbred and feed them with fresh fish.
  • If you can tie the rope to an Ocelot wild cat, you can tie it to a stake in the ground and wait for it to beg for food to tame it.
  • A cat can sit and stand still instead of following you.

Tame the wild cat

  • First, find an Ocelot in the forest.
  • Keep fresh fish in hand.
  • Find Ocelot and try to reach them at a sufficient distance without scaring them away, then leave it near you.
  • Lost heart and one of the domesticated cat skins.

Mob wolves / dogs

Mob wolves in Minecraft

Things to know about wolf mobs in Minecraft:

  • Neutral mob because they have both Passive and Hostile properties.
  • Don’t leave anything behind when killed.
  • Can be purified by bone feeding.
  • Feed the wolf with a variety of rotten meat or meat.
  • When tamed, a Red Collar will appear around the wolf’s neck (you can dye it differently).
  • When a wolf is on the Hostile, its tail is straight and has red eyes – it will attack and kill sheep whenever it wants but only attack the player if attacked first.
  • When a wolf is purebred, it will follow you unless you order it to sit / stand still.
  • A tamed wolf will attack everything with the player (except Creeper).

Mob squid

Mob squid in Minecraft

Things to know about Squid mobs in Minecraft:

  • They will not attack even if you attack them.
  • Can only be found in water.
  • Will release Ink Sacs when fleshed and can be used as Black Dye.

Mob bat

Mob bats in Minecraft

Things to know about bat mobs in Minecraft:

  • Bats are passive mobs
  • They will not attack you even if you attack / kill them.
  • Not leaving anything behind after being killed.
  • Found them in caves.
  • Didn’t do anything except fly around and cry in the dark.

Mob polar bears

Mob bears in Minecraft

Things to know about polar bear mobs in Minecraft:

  • Cannot be propagated.
  • Fresh fish or raw salmon can be used to lure bears, but there’s no guarantee you’ll get anything from killing them.
  • If you attack or get close to the bear’s cubs, they will attack you again. However, normally bear cubs are in Passive mobs and adult bears are in Neutral mob.
  • Can’t lead bears around with Lead.

Above are the most popular animal mobs in Minecraft. Hope the article is useful to you.

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