Instructions for self-creating Minecraft mods

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Mods are the modifications that extend or change aspects of the game. People make these modifications when they want to include a feature in the official game.

If you are tired of playing Minecraft, try Mod Minecraft. Mods are modifications that extend or change aspects of the game. The creators of these modifications are players who want a feature in the official game. From biscuits to rockets, the mods change everything in Minecraft. This article will guide you to create your own Minecraft mod to play in your own way.

Download Mcreator mod generator

Mcreator is dubbed the best Minecraft mod creator, free.

Download Mcreator

Download the Mcreator version that matches your current version of Minecraft. This installer supports both Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Then run the setup file, which takes a bit of time depending on your computer and Internet speed.

Once configured, Mcreator will ask if you want to log in with a Pylo account? Continue if applicable and press Skip if not.

The screen you see is the Mcreator main menu. Users can import or export existing settings, install mods developed by others, or create their own.

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Instructions for creating Minecraft mods to play in their own way

For example, will guide you to produce super diamond ore, helping to create a large amount of diamonds when mining instead of one or 2 as usual.

To start, you need a texture for the new block, which defines what your block will look like, be it stone, wood or custom.

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From the top of the main menu, select Tools> Create item / block texture to open Texture Maker. Here you can create your own textures, based on existing Minecraft art.

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The texture builder has 4 controls layer, allows you to choose arts and colors, combine to create your own final texture.

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Except Layer 1, the rest of the layer controls all contain the same three settings, left to right:

  1. Artwork selector: Use the drop-down menu or pop-up interface to choose an art.
  2. Color picker: Select 3 dots to choose color for this layer.
  3. Lock saturation and brightness: Limits the color brightness of the layer.
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After finishing the design, choose Use at the bottom, then Block for texture type. Choose Exit to return to the page Workspace. This page is currently showing your texture.

From the tab’s menu Workspace, choose Mod Elements. This is where you will create your mod using the texture you created earlier.

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Select the button New mod element in the upper left (large plus sign).

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Page New mod element This looks complicated but quite easy to use.

In Name of the element, enter a unique name. This name does not show up in Minecraft but is used as an identifier in MCreator and the Minecraft code.

For the element type, you can select a new element type. When making super diamond ore, the default is Block. If you make another mod, for example a command or a tool then select the appropriate element.

Choose OK to return to the page Texture. This is where you can assign the texture you created to the block, as well as the configuration, transparency, and block size.

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On the left is the area Block textures. 6 squares represent each side of the block. You can use a different texture for each side (click on each square and choose the texture you like, then OK). However, for simplicity, I use the same 6-sided texture, choose next.

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There are various settings on this next screen. Let’s start with Name in GUI (This is the name of the block in the warehouse, any name will be fine, but please place it for easy recognition).

If you don’t know what that setting is, click the question mark next to the name to see details.

To make this block drop another block when tapped, check the box next to it Doesn’t drop itself. Next Block that dropsClick on the small triangle to load Block / item selector. Use this menu to find and select the block you want to drop.

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Finally, change Drop amount by a suitable number. Since we want a lot of diamonds, 10 is fine.

Choose next to go to Particle settings. This is where you change the block animations.

Leave the settings as they are Block’s inventory default and select next. Page Procedures allows you to customize what happens when any events occur related to this block. This mod is not required, select next.

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Finally, page Block spawning / generation properties Allows you to configure when, where and how often new blocks are generated. If your mod’s block salt is spawned in the game, select Generate in world.

There are a few other settings you can keep the default or adjust to make your block even better.

Export your Minecraft mod

Once you’ve created your mod, you need to export it for use. From the bottom left Workspace toolbar, select the button Export workspace into mod file. It will package your mod into its own package, ready to be imported into Minecraft. If you create more than 1 block all blocks will show up in your mod.

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Note: If you want to work on multiple mods at the same time, switch to another workspace from the main menu.

Menu Mod detail provides packaging options for the mod. You can enter name, version, description, creator details, and upload an image if you want. Most importantly File extension, leave the default option as .JAR.

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When done, select Recompile and export to package your mod. The completion time depends on the computer and the amount of changes.

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Users need to agree to the terms of use, but after editing, choose a location on the file system to store your mod.

Import mods into Minecraft using Minecraft Forge

Minecraft Forge

This software is the easiest and easiest way to install custom mods into Minecraft games.

From Minecraft Launcher, press the up arrow to the right of the bottom play button, select Forge. This will load Minecraft with Forge. You need to do this every time you use the mod.

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While in Minecraft, things are different from running on Forge. There’s some extra text at the bottom, along with a button Mods.

Choose Mods and see my mod is not displayed. Users need to install mods into Forge / Minecraft. The way to do it is to copy and paste your mod into the folder mods of Minecraft.

  • On Windows: AppData / .minecraft /
  • On Mac: Library / Application Support / minecraft /

You need to restart Minecraft if you paste the mod while it’s running. Enter the menu mods and you will see your mod show up with full description, title, image and creator information.

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So super diamond ore was created. You can also create many other mods in the same way. It’s simple right?

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