Instructions for playing Plague Inc., a virus pandemic simulation game

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Instructions to play Plague Inc will be a small guide for gamers who are new to the virus pandemic simulation game, can understand how to install quickly, how to play, and share some experiences and ways to fight. win this exciting new content game.

With an original pathogen, how does it grow and spread like flu? H5N1, Corona,… becomes a pandemic, infecting the entire world? If you want to find the answer, try the game now Plague Inc. – Virus pandemic simulation game.

plague inc game plague inc virus epidemic

How to play Plague Inc. – Pandemic simulation game

The game Plague Inc. Released in 2012 and quickly loved by many gamers. Currently Plague Inc. has launched many different versions on both phones and computers. However, in the framework of this article, we will only learn how to install and guide to play Plague Inc. on the phone version, specifically Android.

– Download Plague Inc for iPhone
– Download Plague Inc for Android

Instructions on how to play Plague Inc.

I. Install Plague Inc. on the phone
Step 1: Click on the link to download the game that Taimienphi shared.
Step 2: At the game loading screen, click the . button Setting .

plague inc

Step 3: After the installation is complete, click the . button Open.

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Step 4: The first time you log in, choose an email account to log into the game.

plague inc

Step 5: Finally, press the . button Play on the interface to join the game.

plague inc

II. Game Tips Plague Inc.
1. Selection of Least Developed Countries

plague inc
Countries in Africa are often isolated and underdeveloped. With their slow research capacity, it will be difficult for these countries to find a cure in time before your virus spreads to the entire population.

2. Stay up-to-date with disease information
In the game’s interface, Plague Inc. provide users with tools News – Update message board about the situation, events happening around the world. This way, you can monitor the situation and plan the spread of the disease.

3. Attack on large scale events

plague inc

With large-scale events such as the Olympics, Summits, etc., it is often a gathering place for many people, even senior leaders in the world. Just regularly monitoring the message board, you can know the time and place of the event to spread faster, paralyzing the working apparatus in countries.

4. Track the spread in each country
With different countries, the ability to control and research medicine will be different. Tracking the disease development in each country will help you plan to deal with and spread it before you are destroyed.

5. Increase the possibility of infection

plague inc

To win the game, your secret is to increase your chances of infection. A highly contagious disease will kill as many victims at once. On the contrary, if the disease is not contagious, the number of patients is small but the mortality rate is high, which will make countries wary, closing borders, making it possible to spread.

6. Possession of Nano Virus
Nano Virus is a great upgrade for players, because of its ability to spread faster than most other viruses in the game. However, this virus has the disadvantage that it is easy to find a cure. Therefore, you should calculate and use the nano virus reasonably to increase your chances of winning the game.

7. Use of fungal strains

plague inc

In the early stages of the game, upgrading mushroom strains is the most economical, effective choice. With this upgrade, the manifestations of the disease will not be too obvious, but the ability to spread through spores is much stronger.

8. Change the DNA code
Gene technology contributes a lot to the current research, medical examination and treatment. However, by applying this technology to change the DNA of the pathogen itself, you will make the virus more complex, spread quickly and harder to find a cure.

9. World population and spread graph monitoring

plague inc

Many veteran gamers commented that the virus can quickly destroy billions of people around the world, but it is more difficult to spread to a few survivors. Always keep an eye on the population chart, observe the number of infected people to strategize accordingly until “No more healthy people exist”.

10. Evolution is the key to victory
For each pathogen, the player can upgrade 4 evolution stats: Disease (Sick), Transmisson (Transmission), Symptoms (phenomenon) and Abilities (Ability). If you choose the right evolutionary direction, combined with the right strategy, victory will be within your reach.
In the last content, Taimienphi shared on how to install and guide to play Plague Inc on phones, to play on computers, you can refer to it. how to install Plague lnc on computer here. Hopefully by spreading the destructive virus globally, maybe you will understand and find a way to prevent the Corona epidemic? But first of all, you also need to learn the Symptoms of Corona disease here.

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