Instructions for installing and playing Dota Auto Chess

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The birth of Dota Auto Chess is creating a big fever in the gaming world in the world, the game uses many Dota 2 heroes and along with the effects and skills that come with those heroes. giving players a completely new and exciting experience.

Up to now, the number of Dota Auto Chess players is reaching 400,000 concurrent players and has surpassed many seniors on Steam. It can be seen how Dota Auto Chess is being interested by gamers. The following article will guide you How to install and play Dota Auto Chess the easiest.

guide and play dota auto chess

Instructions for installing and playing Dota Auto Chess

Because Dota Auto Chess is a custom map of Dota 2, if you don’t have the game, download it here:

– Download the game Dota 2 here: Dota 2

1. Install Dota Auto Chess

On the main screen of the Dota 2 game, you proceed to select Entertainment (Arcade)

dota game auto chess 2

If you don’t see Dota Auto Chess, you can find it by search on the game’s search box, then select the results below.

Dota Auto Chess Guide and Auto Chess 3

Go to the interface of the map you proceed to select Install (Install) to install the map

dota game auto chess 4

After the installation is complete, the word . will appear Play Dota Auto Chess, you press to start playing the game

guide and play dota auto chess 5

2. How to Play Dota Auto Chess

Dota Auto Chess is a map played in the form of an 8×8 chess board, instead of using chess pieces, players use Dota 2’s generals with many gameplay improvements to bring attractiveness and fun.

guide and play dota auto chess 6

Dota Auto Chess allows players to form a maximum squad of 8 people, each person will have many rounds, winning in each round will be rewarded with money, if collected, HP will be deducted and HP is deducted, then it is considered a loser.

Each round will appear 5 Heroes corresponding to the amount shown at the bottom of each champion, the player is allowed to arrange the generals for 30 seconds and then the enemy will appear to fight your champion.

dota game auto chess 7

The first rounds of the match you will fight with AI (machine) to get experience and money, then you will be fighting with other players’ generals. Each champion will perform their own skills when full of mana and support skills, when meeting the requirements will be activated. Your champion will gain mana when being attacked or attacking an enemy.

3. Dota Auto Chess Tips

guide and play dota auto chess 8

To win, you need to combine the characteristics of each character, forming powerful skill sets and a good support team for each other. In addition, you can also use gold to change champions or level up champions depending on the situation.

If you are a new player, you should choose formations like Mech, Goblin or Elf because their fighting style and support skills are quite simple and effective. Teams with different classes will win more when using the same formation. You should also refer How to get Candy in Dota Auto Chess here.
With some of the above experiences, Taimienphi hopes to help you take your first steps when participating in Dota Auto Chess, step by step becoming a master in an exciting and exciting game around the world.

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