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Naruto SlugFest is a mobile game created under the supervision of Shueisha, Studio Pierrot and TV Tokyo. Naruto SlugFest officially allows players to participate in early registration right now, the opportunity for players to participate in the Closed Beta version.

Naruto SlugFest to be action game The world’s first open-world 3D MMO developed based on the Naruto manga series. Naruto SlugFest Online Role Playing Game (RPG) Naruto SlugFest brings players back to Konoha reuniting you with Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, Kakashi and the rest of the characters created by Masashi Kishimoto, starting an adventure in the story world. painting.

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Open world action role-playing game on Mobile

Instructions for early registration, before the game Naruto SlugFest

The gameplay of Naruto Slugfest is similar to other games of the same genre, to get equipment and experience points, you need to continue to complete the main or side quest chain. Before starting to play Naruto SlugFest, players are allowed to choose one of 4 available character classes, customize the character’s hair and clothes according to their preferences. In addition, the experience points you earn can be used to upgrade skills, of course, the higher the skill, the more experience points it costs.

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Step 1: First, visit the Naruto SlugFest early registration link here

Step 2: At the main interface click PRE-REGISTER NOW.

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Step 3: Log in to your account Google or account Facebook you use to register early Naruto SlugFest.

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Step 4: Click Get Your CBT ACCESS CODE.

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Step 5: Select the country (where you live) and then enter the phone number to receive the Naruto SlugFest early registration notification, select the operating system to play the game Android or iOS, click select PRE-REGISTER NOW when completed.

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A notice board appears as shown below means that you have successfully registered for Naruto SlugFest, participating in the Closed Beta version experience successfully.

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There are several levels of Naruto SlugFest that allow the player to complete automatically without having to do anything, but there are several other levels where you have to use your full skill, the controls of this game are well designed. fit on the touch screen of a smartphone.

On the left side of the screen there is a virtual button with which you can move your character and on the right side there are some buttons that allow you to attack and unleash your ninjutsu skills, Naruto SlugFest has both a mode The day and night temperature and the changing weather system allow players to experience the real Naruto World.
Cuu Thien Mobile is also an action role-playing game launched not long ago on the mobile platform, interested readers can get Code of Cuu Thien Mobile game by visiting here. Have a good day.

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