Instructions for early registration Minecraft Earth

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The latest virtual reality game of the Minecraft series is about to be released for free on smartphones called Minecraft Earth, the game developed by Mojang has the same idea as what Pokemon Go has done in the past time, follow along. Follow the article to register for Minecraft Earth soon, experience the game as soon as possible.

Enter the world of squares in Minecraft Earth, which you can experience by adventuring on the world map or building private areas through smartphones and augmented reality technology.

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Instructions for early registration Minecraft Earth

Now that Microsoft is open to the public and allows players to register early at the Minecraft Earth website, early registration rewards will be received at the launch of Minecraft Earth Bedrock version.

Step 1: To register early for Minecraft Earth you need to visit the link Here, then proceed to sign in with your Microsoft account.

– Tutorial create a Microsoft account here.

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Step 2: Provide complete information about date of birth and nation, click Next.

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Confirm your age then select Next.

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Step 3: Allow Minecraft to access personal information and the game’s terms of service, agree to press Yes If you want to cancel, choose Is not.

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Step 4: Microsoft asks you to fill in your name in the respective fields.

minecraft earth 6

To join Minecraft Earth you need to have an account Xbox Live, if you do not have an account Microsoft will automatically create an account for you with the information provided previously. Choose I Accept To confirm.

minecraft earth 7

Step 5: At this point you return to the Minecraft Earth early registration page Here, select the information the game requires to provide and then scroll down to select the blue box as shown.

Minecraft earth 8
Thus, readers and Taimienphi have just signed up for Minecraft Earth together soon, the game is expected to launch on Android 7 and above devices, iOS 10 and above, and Microsoft does not plan to develop Minecraft Earth for Windows-based devices. We will update the game Minecraft Earth as soon as it is officially released.

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