Instructions for drawing professional Avatar with Adobe Illustrator

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If you are wondering, learn how to draw a professional Avatar with Adobe Illustrator, read on and refer to the following article of for more details.

Previous article showed you how to design 3D Logo in Adobe Illustrator. The next article below will guide you how to draw professional Avatar with Adobe Illustrator.

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1. Prepare

To draw and create professional Avatar with Adobe Illustrator, you first need to prepare:

– Install Adobe Illustrator on the computer.

If you do not have Adobe Illustrator installed, you can download it Adobe Illustrator here.

– High resolution images.

2. Instructions for drawing professional Avatars with Adobe Illustrator

Follow the steps below to create and draw professional Avatar using Adobe Illustrator:

Step 1: Prepare the canvas

Open Illustrator, then go to File => newor press Ctrl + FEMALE (on Windows) or Cmd + FEMALE (on macOS).

Give the new file any name and select Profile as Webor if you don’t want to use an online avatar, you choose Profile as Print.

Set the height and width to 800 x 800 pixels. This is just the working size on the canvas, you don’t need to worry about the higher resolution because Illustrator is vector based, allowing to reduce or enlarge the image without losing quality.

Just increase the canvas and artwork size whenever you save a photo in JPEG and PNG formats.

new avatar adobe illustrator

Step 2: Import (import) your images

Access File => Place and select the image you want to draw as your avatar. This image can be your profile picture, but make sure it’s clear of your face.

Once satisfied with the image placement, embed this image onto the canvas. You can find the embed option in the Control panel.

new avatar adobe illustrator 2

Once the image has been embedded, go to window =>Transparency and reduce the image opacity to 60%. The next step is to lock this layer to prevent unwanted changes.

new avatar adobe illustrator 3

Step 3: Identify identifying characteristics

Unique elements of your appearance may include nose piercings, eyeglasses or blue eyes, hair, beard, etc.

Identify some of your identifying features and highlight them in your avatar.

Step 4: Start the design process

Create a new layer by selecting the option Create New Layer in the bottom corner of the Layers window. Name this new layer Head. Create new layers for the elements and name them descriptively to organize the files.

new avatar adobe illustrator 4

First trace the outline of the first part. Select tool Pen Tool from the Panels panel, or press P key. Trace the outline of the head as shown in the screenshot below.

new avatar adobe illustrator 5

The next step is to color. recommends that you choose a color from the original image.

new avatar adobe illustrator 6

Create a new layer named Hair. Trace and select the hair color from the original image. Try to create as few anchor points as possible to make the design look less cluttered.

new avatar adobe illustrator 7

You can turn the visibility of layers on or off. Pay attention to the position of the layers to make your design process go faster. To reposition layers, simply drag them up and down on the Layers panel.

new avatar adobe illustrator 8

Step 5: Add more details

Follow the same steps in step 4 to create the rest of the design elements.

To solve problems such as paths, select tools Direct Selection tool from the Tools panel or press key A and hover over fixed points. This allows you to change positions and curves. You can also add or remove fixed points from the path by right-clicking the Pen tool in the Tools panel and selecting the appropriate tool.

new avatar adobe illustrator 9

Don’t forget to zoom in and out when adding these details to your avatar. Even small details can make a big difference to your design.

Your final design will look like this:

new avatar adobe illustrator 10

Step 6: Save avatar

Press Ctrl + WILL (on Windows) or Cmd + WILL (on macOS) or visit File =>Save to save your avatar file.

new avatar adobe illustrator 11

In addition, you can also save the avatar file on the web by pressing Ctrl / Cmd + Alt + Shift + WILL or choose File => Save for Web. This option allows you to save the avatar file in transparent JPEG or PNG format.

new avatar adobe illustrator 12

The above article has just shown you how to create and draw professional Avatar with Adobe Illustrator. In addition, if you have any questions or questions that need to be answered, readers can leave their comments in the comment section below the article.

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