Instructions for buying umbrellas and raincoats in the game Play Together

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Play Together is an action game simulation life extremely fun, extremely cute, where players can create their own avatars experience hours of entertainment while meeting many other gamers and completing quests. adventure. In the updated version on October 21, 2021, this game added stormy weather effect.

During thunderstorms, players will need to have raincoat and umbrella to avoid getting wet. Therefore, to help players easily buy and use umbrellas and raincoats in this game every time it rains, today will introduce the article. Instructions for buying umbrellas and raincoats in the game Play Together, invite you to consult.

Instructions for buying and using umbrellas and shirts purchased in the game Play Together

Step 1: First, we will Open and log in Play Together game account on your phone.

Step 2: Once in this game, to buy umbrellas and raincoats, we will Move the Rain Girl NPC near the HomeTown train station gate area.

Closer to NPC Rain Girl

Note: The Rain Girl NPC only appears when her city is raining.

Step 3: After approaching the Rain Girl NPC, click on truck icon to buy.

Click on the cart icon

Step 4: Chat with the NPC character, then tap the . button Yes to start buying umbrellas or raincoats.

Touch the Yes button

Step 5: Now on the right side of the screen, we will choose umbrella and raincoat style that you want to buy, then press money value button for payment.

Choose umbrella and raincoat style

Step 6: Once the umbrella and shirt have been purchased successfully, to use it, click backpack icon on the right side of the screen.

Click on the backpack icon

Step 7: Next in your inventory, tap umbrella icon.

Click on the umbrella icon

Step 8: Section Tools, touch umbrella picture, to take the umbrella out of the bag and start using it.

Tap and select the umbrella you want to use

Step 9: Return to the main game screen, tap umbrella icon to start using.

Click on the umbrella icon

Step 10: Finally, we will start walking in the city in the rain without fear of getting wet anymore.

Start walking in the rain when you have an umbrella

Wishing you success!

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