Instructions for building Akali League of Wild Rift

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Akali is a professional assassin who is usually played in the mid lane in Wild Rift Alliance because of his mobility and ability to deal great damage. In this article, will guide you how to build Akali in Wild Rift League with runes, how to build and how to play this character.

Akali is one of the top assassins that Riot Games has recently added to the Wild Rift League. With her stunning appearance design and her not-so-easy skill set, many gamers find it difficult to play this character. Since many Wild Rift League players still haven’t been able to fully exploit Akali’s abilities, on this occasion, will guide you on how to build the best Akali in Wild Rift, to help you achieve efficiency. high when using this character in combat.

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How to build Akali character in Wild Rift Alliance

Instructions for building the character Akali Wild Rift Alliance

1. How to build Akali

1.1. Hextech Gunblade – Hextech Gunblade

The first item you want to get your hands on will be the Hextech Gunblade. In terms of effects, Hextech Gunblade mainly adds 100-200 magic damage and slows the target by 40% for 2 seconds. In addition, Hextech Gunblade gives Akali 15% more Physical Vamp (Lifesteal). With all this, Akali will be much stronger in duels or team fights. So, Hextech Gunblade is definitely one of Akali’s core items to win every match.

1.2. Ionian Boots Of Lucidity – Ionian Enlightenment Shoes

For shoes, you can choose Ionian Boots of Lucidity to reduce the cooldown by 10%. This is very useful for an assassin like Akali, who relies on performing deadly combos with his skills.

1.3. Infinity Orb – Infinity Orb

Next, you can equip the Infinity Orb for Akali. This item gives Akali 60 more magic power and 200 HP. As for the Passive, Infinity Orb grants Akali 5% Movement Speed ​​and 15 Magic Penetration (MrP). Besides that, it also gives her 20% more critical damage against targets with less than 35% HP.

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1.4. Liandry’s Torment – Liandry’s Torment Mask

You can take advantage of Liandry’s Torment to increase Akali’s magic power and HP. Since she’s a champion that’s easily weakened, picking Liandry’s Torment would be a smart decision for you. What makes Liandry’s Torment perfect for Akali is its Torment effect, which grants Akali 1% more magic damage based on the target’s maximum health within 3 seconds of her magic damage. This extra skill damage deals double damage to slowed or immobilized targets.

1.5. Morellonomicon – Demon Book Morello

You can buy Morellonomicon after acquiring Liandry’s Torment. This item provides an additional 70 magic damage and 300 HP, making Akali more resistant. Morello’s Book of Demons is also very effective against champions that rely on lifesteal in party battles because its Grievous Wounds effect reduces the target’s healing.

1.6. Rabadon’s Deathcap – Rabadon’s Witch Hat

To make it harder for your enemies to survive your attacks, you can boost the magic damage stats from the Rabadon Witch Hat. Although the price is quite high, this item is totally worth buying when it adds 130 AP. Not to mention its Passive, giving you 40% more AP (of your total magic damage). Even good tankier champions can’t resist Akali’s attacks with Rabadon’s Deathcap.

1.7. Upgrade Ionian Boots of Lucidity to Stasis Enchant

Akali is easy to become the first target in teamfight situations. Therefore, you can upgrade the Ionian Boots of Lucidity to Stasis Enchant. It will make Akali invulnerable for 2.5 seconds.

2. Runes – Akali .’s Rune

2.1. Fleet Footwork – Quick Footsteps

For Akali’s Keystone Rune, you can choose Fleet Footwork. This rune increases movement speed, healing, and damage after 100 stacks. These stacks are generated by moving and using basic attacks on enemy champions or minions.

2.2. Backbone – Bone Armor

To survive longer in the early game, you’ll probably want to equip Akali’s Backbone. This rune increases Akali’s armor or magic resistance by 10 based on whichever stat you have less of.

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2.3. Hunter – Genius – Talented Hunter

With Hunter – Genius acting as the Inspriration Rune, Akali will receive an additional 2.5% cooldown reduction. This rune pairs very well with Akali’s skill set, especially with her Twilight Shroud (Smoke Bomb) skill.

2.4. Triumph – Dac Thang

For Domination Rune, you can choose Triumph to recover 10% HP for each champion killed. It also deals 3% increased damage to enemies below 35% HP.

3. Spell – Akali .’s Summoner Spell

3.1. Ignite – Burning

Ignite greatly benefits Akali during duel matches. You can cast Ignite when the enemy’s HP is severely low, as it will burn your target with 60-410 true damage (based on level) for 5 seconds – finish your target when they Try to get out of the fight.

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3.2. Flash – Flash

Flash is a modifier for everyone. Most champions can use it to chase enemies or escape from them. However, the cooldown of this summoner spell is quite long, 150 seconds.

4. Akali’s Combo

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Since Akali is considered by many to be a tricky assassin champion, her combos are quite difficult for most beginners. But don’t worry, this is the basic Akali combo that any new player can grasp.

Shuriken Flip – Dark Dance (3) > Shuriken Flip – Dark Dance (3) > Five Point Strike – Five Blades (1) > Perfect Execution – Perfect Execution (Ultimate) > Perfect Execution Hao (Ultimate) > > Five Point Strike – Five Blades (1).

5. Akali .’s gameplay

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– Exit the area (circle) after using Five Point Strike skill (1).

– Don’t rush into teamfights. Wait for momentum and aim for the weakest or least HP enemy (prioritize the opponent’s ADC).

– If you are being ganked, use Twilight Shroud – Smoke Bomb (2) to get out of enemy sight, then use Shuriken Flip – Dark Dance (3) to run away.

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Akali possesses a mobile set of moves and easily assassinates weak, low-color targets and finishes them in a flash. However, Akali also has some weaknesses such as low health and not performing well as a mid laner when facing champions with magic damage and range in the early game. But with the information on how to build, rune and combine skills above, Akali will become stronger and fight more effectively.

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