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Warcraft 3 is a great game, but not everyone knows the important settings for gaming, below are details of the important settings for you to play Warcraft 3 smoothly with better graphics.

Although there are no strict requirements on configuration like other games. But Warcraft 3 also needs configuration settings to have the best experience when playing this game on the computer. The minimum configuration is to play this game with the lowest mode, and if your device is above the recommended level, you can play higher.

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As you all know, for each version of Warcraft 3, a different minimum and recommended configuration is required. So to play, you must understand the functions in the settings of the game.

For those of you who don’t have the Warcraft 3 game, you can download it here: Warcraft 3

Instructions for configuring the game Warcraft 3

In the main screen in the game. In the settings Options then there are 3 parts of the game’s system settings: Game Play, Video and Sound.

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1. Specifically in the Game Play Tab:

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– We only pay attention to important settings such as:

* Mouse Scroll: Mouse speed (fast or slow)
* Keyboard Scroll: Speed ​​of the keyboard
* Always show Health Bars: Always show the health bar above the character or monster’s head
* Automatically Save Replays: Automatically memorize the match

2. In the Videos Tab: This is the part to configure the game display.

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– Important settings:

* Gamma: Effect
* Resolution: Game resolution (The higher the resolution, the sharper the display)
* Model Details: Detail of the model in the game
* Texure Quality: Texture quality
* Light: Light
* Unit Shadows: Shadow effect
* Spell Detail: Magic effect

3. As for the Sound section: it doesn’t really matter, you set it up so it’s okay.

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Sound Effects Volume: Sound effects
Music Volume: Music Game
Ambiden Sounds: Ambient sound
Movement Sounds: Sound motion

For low-configuration machines, the adjustment in the game’s settings is very important. In addition, if the device is jerking or lagging when playing games, you should turn off some unnecessary functions or you can also restart the computer.
Above are the settings that you need to know before playing the game Warcraft 3. To have the best experience and best fit each machine when playing this Warcraft 3 game, it is important to understand the settings in the game. The game is an advantage, if you haven’t successfully installed the game on your device, please refer to the method install Warcraft 3 here. Wish you happy gaming.

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