If you can do these things, you have really “grown up” in League of Legends (P.2)

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6. Freeze and push minions at the right time


For those who have played League of Legends From time to time, we have heard more or less about the closure of the state as well as the fighting of soldiers. This is a small trick, but just a few basic actions can help crush the opponent. For players who know how to effectively shut down and push minions, they will have a safe farm stat as well as make the opponent not dare to go high to eat minions for fear of ganking jungle. Not only that, this is especially effective in the top lane, where champions are mostly melee and the path to the turret is very long. The longer you freeze, the harder it is for your opponent to farm and lose both minion stats and experience.

When intending to return, the good player usually will make full use of the remaining mana to push the minion high to the enemy turret and take advantage of the shot from the turret to destroy all the minions. This is something you should learn and practice a lot because most professional gamer Everyone masters this effectively and has a lot of benefits from it.

7. Summoning spells


One of the most important factors in League of Legends, it greatly affects the success or failure of teamfights. In the lane, you knock or get destroyed by the enemy many times only in the flash and win or lose a fight because of a timely teleport. That’s why good players always find a way to remember the opponent’s mastery cooldown and announce it whenever they have the opportunity.

If you and your teammates have an opponent’s mastery cooldown, it’s easy to engage, gank, and put the enemy at a disadvantage. Although there are currently a lot of gems and cooldown items, but for players with not too high level, it is also acceptable to timing auxiliary spells relatively.

Learn to memorize the spells your opponent uses by timing the cooldown on the chat box continuously. These are just small chat lines, but will help your teammates understand the enemy’s strength before fighting.

8. Get counter equipment


Besides hundreds of generals possessing their own unique features, there are also hundreds of equipment with different characteristics and stats for each specific case. Except for building items according to instructions, one thing that players should start to learn gradually is understanding general quality and equipment that counters their power.

This is something that every player should learn from the beginning because in addition to having 1 more equipment, you will counter, eliminate some of the opponent’s strength, from which will be much better than the opponent even though both have the same. amount of gold and equipment.

9. Prohibition of choosing is no longer according to preferences


Even though it’s a team game and it’s very skill-oriented, but League There is always a very familiar thing called meta game. Each season or each passing version will have champions that are Riot bestows superior power that if you don’t play, you must be banned. Although I know there are some people who are Boy – One Charm and often choose champions more emotionally, sometimes the champion you like to play may not be suitable for the squad. In addition, if you choose an important position such as mid lane or ADC too early, it will lead to being countered by the opponent, leading to more losses if you haven’t played yet.

So you should do besides practicing a masterful champion is to expand your champion pool, stick to it meta and practice new cards so that when the opponent spends bans or the squad lacks a certain champion, you are ready, which is a sign that you have improved and matured a lot in the game. .

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