How to watch movies on THVL1, THVL2 online

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Vinh Long TV channel has launched a free on-demand TV viewing application called THVLi, This application does not charge, completely free. When watching shows on THVLi, viewers only need to register for an account on the THVLi app for Android or iOS to watch all THVL’s programs right after the show is broadcast.

The content on THVLi is mainly directed to the theme of Entertainment with 7 categories: TV Show, Television, Vietnamese Film, Foreign Movie, Thieu Nhi, Cai Luong and Ca Nhac. With the number of full films such as The War of Nhan Tam, The Boss, The Boss, The Conspiracy and Love, The 8-year-old Bride and successful programs such as Laughing Xuyen Viet, Solo with Bolero, Ultimate duet Super kids challenge, Hidden Singer, Amateurs compete, Who will become … will guide you how to watch the movies and shows on THVL offline.

Guide to watching movies of THVL1, THVL 2 on mobile

Before you start, you need to install the application to watch VL TV from the download link below:

THVL for iOS THVL for Android

Step 1: Log into the application, you can choose the categories you want to review, here you can choose TV. If you do, it will always be a program running live on the channel THVL1 or THVL2, scroll down to the current time to see the text Live.


Step 2: You can watch the previous show by dragging up and selecting the time of the previous show to watch, if you choose to watch the show from the previous day, choose Today and choose the date you want to see.


Step 3: You can also do the same with other items such as TV Show, Vietnamese Movie … In such categories Vietnamese Movies, Foreign Movies movies are full of all previously shown episodes.


Foreign movies also have genres such as movies, movies from some countries such as USA, Thailand, India, China …


With the above tutorial of you can follow the programs already shown on THVL, for those who do not have time to follow the programs in golden hours, this is a great software. great for you.

How to watch movies directly on THVL Online

Video instructions to watch movies on THVLi:

If you do not want to install THVLi on your mobile device, you can watch it directly on your computer via the browser with the link below:

See THVL Online

On the homepage of THVLi you will see categories: Online, TV Show, Vietnamese Movies, Foreign Movies, Children, Cai Luong, Music. Want to watch a show, just click on that category, then select the show you want to watch.

THVLi home page
THVLi home page

Also in the home interface THVLi, scroll down to the bottom you will see a list of Featured, Newly updated. You can click on these videos to watch them too.

List of outstanding movies, newly updated
List of outstanding movies, newly updated

If you want to watch the programs that are live on the air, click on the item Online to keep track. There is also a schedule of programs for you to follow.

Watch online
Watch online

With THVLi you can freely watch famous Vietnamese and foreign movies. With very clear quality, no lag.

Watch movies online
Watch movies online

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments.

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