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How to update the new Map 8×8 in the game Rules Of Survival

The Rules Of Survival update on February 7 adds a Fearless Fiord map, 64km wide2 Helping the survival fight more intense and dramatic. Not stopping there, there are also a series of new weapons, skins, and vehicles for players to choose from.

ROS The Law of Survival Rules Of Survival

However, to play this new Map 8×8, you need to download the map, not just update the game. Please follow the article to know how to update the Map Fearless Fiord in the game Rules Of Survival:

Instructions for updating the new 8×8 Map in Rules Of Survival

Step 1: At the main interface of the game Rules of Survival, click on the words Ghillie Island.

Fearless Piod

Step 2: Then click on the card Fearless Piod in line New Battlefield button above, then press the button Download and wait for the new map to load. Ideally you should use Wifi fast because the 8×8 map capacity is 393.28 MB, quite heavy.

New Battlefield

Step 3: Once the download is finished, click again, then click the button Start.


Step 4: So you feel free to experience the vast 8×8 map, up to 300 players.

Game Rules Of Survival

Note: If the update fails, turn off the game, then re-enter. Turn off the game, not click the button Home Where to turn off, but should turn on Multitasking then swipe to turn off the game.

Video instructions to update the new Map 8×8 in the game Rules Of Survival

The battle for survival with up to 300 players will certainly be more dramatic and much more dramatic. So what are you waiting for, please experience it right away. You can download ROS for your phone here:

Rules Of Survial for Android Rules Of Survial for iOS

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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