How to update PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS phones

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PUBG Mobile is a game that regularly updates new content on phones, users need to know the process of updating PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS phones to be most effective and avoid possible errors.

Mobile games are always kept as minimal as possible for the convenience of users. How to update PUBG Mobile is quite simple even on iOS and Android, and users need to pay attention to a few basic notes before updating PUBG Mobile.

how to update pubg mobile on android and ios phones

How to update PUBG Mobile

How to update PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS phones

1. Update PUBG Mobile in the safest way

So what is the safest way to update PUBG Mobile, and how is it called safe?

If you are reading this article and do not know how to download PUBG Mobile to get the latest and most standard version for your Android or iOS operating system, you can download it right here. always updates the latest and ensures that you can rest assured with what you choose.

– Load PUBG Mobile for Android here.
– Load PUBG Mobile for iPhone here.

2. Update PUBG Mobile in the traditional way

In addition, we have one more method to update PUBG Mobile that is using the application store that the operating system provides for you such as Google Play with Android operating system or Apps Store with iOS operating system.

how to update pubg mobile on andoid ios 2 phones

It’s very simple when you just type the keyword “PUBG Mobile” at the application store that your phone has, the results will appear. If PUBG Mobile has a new version, we just need to click update to finish updating PUBG Mobile.

how to update pubg mobile on andoid ios 3 phones

3. Error when updating PUBG Mobile

Actually there are a few errors during PUBG Mobile update that can happen and users need to know to avoid it or fix it.

Application error failed to load or very slow: Most of these errors are caused by your network, please double check the WiFi before proceeding with the download or you can connect to a better WiFi and go back to the game loading process.

After updating, I can’t enter the game: This error happens from time to time and in that case you just need to exit the whole game, exit both in the background of the game and then re-enter.

Another way if the above method does not work is that you can delete and reinstall PUBG Mobile game. Or if it’s an error coming from the PUBG Mobile server itself or the game’s maintenance, you won’t be able to do anything else.

The above is all the information that you need to know before updating PUBG Mobile, updating PUBG Mobile or any game today is very simple and almost nothing causes difficulties for users. Therefore, do not worry when updating the game and if there is any problem, will help you fix the problem.
In addition to the current options of playing PUBG Mobile on mobile devices, playing PUBG Mobile on computers is also a good solution that you should try to apply. Especially when this solution helps you to play PUBG Mobile with the highest configuration, see how Play PUBG Mobile on PC Click here and follow the instructions.

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