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In order for your personal and brand to be known to more people, you need to create an attractive website that is able to attract viewers, instead of spending a lot of money to hire a website design team, build a system. system, you can refer to how to register for Weebly to initially create a simple and beautiful website without any cost.

If you are looking for a tool to create personal and business websites for different purposes but do not have knowledge of web programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, JS, etc., Weebly is one of them. Great tools for you. Weebly supports users to create a simple website from A to Z similar to design, Create a WordPress blog. With account plans ranging from free to premium, it’s easy to create great websites.

how to sign weebly

Before using Weebly to create your own website, you need to have an account of this service. Therefore, the following guide will help you create, Sign up for Weebly Getting acquainted and developing a personal and business website

How to sign up for Weebly

Step 1: Go to Weebly HERE

Step 2: Create the main interface of the website, click the button Sign Up to start a Weebly subscription.

how to sign weebly 2

Step 3: The website will pop up a small window for you to fill in your Weebly account registration information with data boxes:

Full name : enter your full name (should be written without accents)

Email Address : email address

Password : password with 8 characters or more, including letters and numbers

how to sign weebly 3

Step 4: After entering all the information, press Create Your Site to create a Weebly account.

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Step 5: If the account creation is successful, the system will display an interface asking if you use the website for business purposes. Click Not Now If you want to create a basic website and customize it for later sales or click Yes to create a sales website.

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Step 6: So you have successfully registered a Weebly account to start creating an attractive and attractive website for yourself. In the last step, you just need to choose for yourself a background interface and proceed to customize that interface to your liking.

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Signing up for Weebly is very simple, but this is just the first step to creating a website. At the stages Create a website on Weebly Next, you need to combine with your own creativity, how to arrange the layout to complete a beautiful personal and business website on Weebly.

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