How to share maps, locations, locations on Google Maps with friends

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Google Map is considered the most popular mapping tool today both on desktop and mobile devices. With outstanding advantages, Google Maps can help you create your own routes, add notes and share their locations and locations easily.

Sometimes when using Google Maps, you will see photos of the addresses of some stores and companies with information about that business and directions to that address. This is a free service from Google that allows you to create and share your own maps with the world.

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Share Google Map

Therefore, today Taimienphi will guide you how to create your own places and personal locations on Google Maps and then share them with friends. Let’s follow the article below.

Download Google Maps for Android devices: Google Maps for Android
Download Google Maps for iOS devices: Google Maps for iPhone

Instructions on how to share Google Maps with friends

Step 1: From any Web browser on your computer, you access The following address then click Create new map. (Note that you need to log in to your Google account at this step.)

share you by google maps

Step 2: The map interface appears, you use the hand icon to click on the map to find the starting point or type the address in the search bar as shown below.

share you due to the map with you

Step 3: Click on the icon “+“The place you just searched for, you can customize information such as color, add information, photos, directions to here or delete if this place is not the right location you need to create a map.

how to share ban by google maps

Step 4: After you have set up the information for the place to be shared, click on the Untitled layer to add a title for the newly created map.

how to share you by google maps

Step 5: You can continue to save more locations in the same way

google maps

Step 6: If you want to draw a path on the map, you can choose the zigzag icon as shown below

share google maps

Step 7: After you’ve tweaked your own map, you can preview it to check if there’s anything else you need to add to the map through the eye icon in the left options column.

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Step 8: Sharing a self-made map is also quite simple, when you see that the self-made map is full of information, right in the preview, click share. A small panel will appear with options to share via Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Mail or export the code to embed on the website.

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Thus, with the instructions that Taimienphi introduced to you above, from now on you can create and share Google Map with your friends easily. This is especially useful when you want to plan a route for your friends to go on a long trip. In addition, you can save map offline on Google Maps to review the room when the phone loses wifi connection or runs out of internet data traffic

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