How to see the Facebook ID of the group, Group

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To see the Facebook ID of a group, Group or an individual is not difficult! You can log in normally to Facebook and only need a few more steps to view it, or you can use a third-party app to view your Facebook ID.

What is Facebook ID? This is a sequence of numbers assigned to the account Facebook and used to identify that account. Simply understand this sequence of numbers is similar to everyone’s ID card number, because there may be the same or nearly the same name, but the ID will be unique for each Facebook account, if you already know how to see your personal Facebook ID. , then the following content will help you see the Facebook group ID, Gruop

how to see group's facebook id

Facebook ID is the unique number sequence of each Facebook account

Instructions to view the Facebook ID of the group, Group

In this article, we will take the Facebook group of Free Download as an example and show you 2 simple ways to help you quickly see the Facebook ID of the group, Group.

Method 1: View Facebook ID on the access address

Step 1: At the home page, click on the group or group name to access the group’s or Group’s page.

how to see group 2's facebook id

Step 2: At the new interface that appears -> you will see in the address bar a section “groups/….” -> then this is the Facebook ID of the group, Group

how to see group 3's facebook id

A simpler way is that you just need to move the mouse pointer to the group or Group you need to see -> you will see an automatic address line will appear at the bottom right, here you can see the Facebook ID already.

how to see group 4's facebook id

If the Group or group has been changed to a name, then with the above view you will not be able to know what the Facebook ID is. For example, the support group has changed to then how to see the ID you will follow the step-by-step instructions in Method 2 below.

Method 2: View Facebook ID Via Web Find My Facebook ID

Step 1: You log in to Facebook normally -> then click on the group, Group. Next, open a new web browser tab -> access the Find My Facebook ID page HERE.

how to see group 5's facebook id

Step 2: You copy the path of the group’s Facebook address, the group needs to find the ID -> then paste it in the blank frame as the image described below -> next, you click Find Numeric ID to find the group’s Facebook ID.

Note: The path of the group or group usually has the form (Below we take the example of support group group):


how to see group 6's facebook id

Step 3: Immediately, you will see successful search results, Facebook ID number will appear as the image described below.

how to see group 7's facebook id

You see, the see the Facebook ID of the group, Group It’s simple, right! With the above two simple ways can be said to be the simplest to help you quickly find the Facebook ID of the group or group easily. Similarly, you can also do the same to see the Facebook user ID for each account if you want.
If you want to learn more about the concept of ID or simply want to learn Facebook ID for what? In which case? Please refer to for more information to understand better. Good luck!

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