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Rename wifi helps you change the display name of the wifi network when playing, with this way, you will not have to worry when others ask to borrow the wifi password because you do not know it is the wifi network emitted by your home device. If you use TPLink Tenda wifi modem, please refer to the content below to know how to change the wifi name Tplink Tenda.

tplink tenda wifi extension

In addition to changing the WiFi name, users should also know how to change the TP-Link Tenda wifi password. See how change password WiFi Tenda help you protect your WiFi, avoid being accessed by others too much, leading to weak and slow network. This article we will guide you how to rename WiFi TP-Link Tenda.

How to rename WiFi TP-Link Tenda

Step 1: Use a web browser to configure the modem.

Enter the address:

Account: Admin

Password: Admin

Then press OK to access.

how to connect wifi tp link tenda

Step 2: In the WiFi interface, to change the WiFi password or change the WiFi name, go to Interface Setup. Select section Wireless.

In the section SSID you enter the WiFi access username.


tenda tp link wifi extension

Then you just Save and Reboot let Modem save the new account name.

Once the modem has rebooted, you have successfully renamed the WiFi. Now you have to access the new WiFi address on your laptop or Smartphone and enter the password to use WiFi.

On some other modem lines, the way to access the WiFi Modem is also a little different. You can refer to some accounts and passwords of modem lines for more details. See how modem login many types by account, password so that you can go to the configuration to change WiFi name or change WiFi password easily.

Currently, many wifi network hacking technologies have emerged, causing many users to worry about the safety and security of wifi network information. To prevent this risk from happening, you can refer to the guide to anti-hacking wifi modems ftp, vnpt, tenda,… introduced by in the previous article.

Usually, we use routers like TP-Link, Dlink … to broadcast WiFi. However, few users know that you can use some software like Virtual Router to broadcast WiFi from laptop. Virtual Router’s interface is quite simple, allowing you to create WiFi names, WiFi passwords, select broadcast networks.
In addition, if you use a DLink wifi transmitter modem, you can also rename Dlink wifi easily to not let others know it’s your home’s wifi network, see how Dlink wifi name change to know how to do it

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