How to remove Opera, Uninstall Opera browser from your computer

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After a long time using Opera, if you feel it has too many things that make you unhappy and want to try switching to another browser like Google Chrome, Firefox or downloading Coc Coc, please remove Opera from your computer. Please.

Opera is not your only choice, although Opera also has some great advantages such as the ability to block ads from downloading Youtube while watching videos, with the feature Block Youtube ads on Opera help you watch Youtube undisturbed, or some other very useful features. However, Opera does not lack weaknesses, or browsers like Firefox or Google Chrome are superior to Opera, so please uninstall Opera if you want, the following article will guide you how to remove Opera on your computer.

How to remove Opera, Uninstall Opera browser from your computer

Step 1: Press the key Windows or click on the Windows icon in the lower left corner, type “Programs” and select Programs and Features.

go opera

Step 2: Search to item Opera and click Uninstall.

go opera

Step 3: The Opera Uninstall window appears. Next choose Uninstall To start the process of uninstalling the browser, you can tick the Delete my Opera user data to clear your previous settings data.

go opera

Then you just need to wait, the Opera removal process will automatically take place and you only need to wait for a few seconds to finish.

Recently, has shown you how to remove Opera, the web browser from your computer. This removal method not only applies to other browsers but also applies to all software in the device. With the removal of Opera from your computer, you must also have an alternative to removing Opera from your computer. Maybe you want to use Google Chrome, the most used browser today with a lot of attractive features. As the management of Extension toggles on Google Chrome is quite nice and useful to users, managing the Extension toggles on Chrome will help users better manage the extensions they are installed. Or like how to turn off Facebook notifications on Google Chrome to help you avoid spam on your desktop when too many people text and chat with you on Facebook. See more articles on how turn off Facebook notifications on Chrome and follow it.

Moreover, there are Firefox, Microsoft Edge or the top best web browsers of 2016, with top web browsers 2016 will also be your choice in finding and using a reasonable browser.
If you want to remove IE from your computer, you can follow the way to remove IE that Taimienphi shared.

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