How to remove Minecraft mods

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Delete Minecraft mod or in other words we don’t use that mod anymore, want to delete it from Minecraft to avoid conflict with the mod you intend to install in the future or simply delete the Minecraft mod simply.

Is an open-world game that also allows players to enjoy adding mods created by the programmer that Minecraft provides to players. And of course if we were If you can install mods in Minecraft, you must also delete Minecraft mods. Installing Minecraft mods or deleting Minecraft mods, although different from other games, is generally easy to help players quickly change.

how to fix minecraft mods

Instructions to delete Minecraft mods

Step 1: To delete Minecraft mods we click on Play above Launcher of Minecraft.

how to fix minecraft 2 mods

Step 2: However, at this step you will not have to click on the Play or Edit Profile section, but the usual guide will guide you. Here you have to click select Profile Editor.

how to fix minecraft 3 mods

Step 3: In the Profile Editor section, all mods in Minecraft will be displayed, please note that you should not mistakenly delete your game profile.

how to fix minecraft 4 mods

Step 4: Here to delete Minecraft mods we just need right click enter and choose Delete Profile to completely delete that mod profile. As this example we delete Minecraft forge which is the most popular mod today and is also a basic mod.

how to fix minecraft 5 mods

Step 5: Later Turn off all Minecraft Launchers go, press Windows + CHEAP key combination on the desktop and press next OK.

how to fix minecraft 6 mods

Step 6: Select the .minecraft item found in the section Roaming.

how to fix minecraft 7 mods

Step 7: Here you continue to search for the mods folder included in this, this is the folder containing all the mods files you have installed previously.

how to fix minecraft 8 mods

Step 8: And of course here if you don’t like any mods, just delete that Minecraft mod.

how to fix minecraft 9 mods

With a game like Minecraft, it is not always good to have many mods, if the user installs the mods, it means that there is a lot of content outside of participating in the game that the player himself cannot control. That is also the meaning of deleting Minecraft mods that Minecraft Mods enthusiasts need to know.
To limit this work, another way is to select Mods, namely find popular Mods or highly rated mods on the community or reputable sites. For example, the top best Minecraft mods on are also based on famous and widely used mod sources, so why not try to find out what are the top Minecraft mods that offers.

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