How to remove auto-suggested URLs on Opera

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On Opera, every time you enter an address, it will list a series of suggestions to compare with the website we are looking for, the URLs appear automatically and sometimes annoy the user, and of course you completely You can delete the automatic URL automatically on Opera through the following article.

Most browsers currently on the market such as Google Chrome, CocCoc or Microsoft Edge have built-in URL suggestions for websites you have browsed when performing a search in the address bar of CocCoc or Chrome. However, it will be very annoying and inconvenient if we share the same computer and do not want others to know what we have watched. Just like Microsoft Edge recently has an article on how to remove suggested URLs on Edgein this article we will do the same thing on Opera, how to remove auto-suggested URLs on Opera.

How to remove auto-suggested URLs on Opera

Step 1: Choose Menu in the left corner of the screen. Next click on Settings.

delete the url to call the same on Opera

How to remove auto-suggested URLs on Opera

Step 2: You choose Privacy and Security.In section Privacy you untick in the Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar

delete the url to call the same on Opera

Remove auto-suggested URLs on Opera

– Also, there is a faster way to do it when you go to Settings. You can type “URL” in the box Search Settings. You also get the same result as above.

delete the url to call the same on Opera

Instructions to remove auto-suggested URLs on Opera
Recently, showed you how to turn off the URL suggestion function on Opera. With this trick, you will no longer have to worry about sharing a computer, the web links you have visited will no longer be automatically suggested. You can freely browse the web without worry. In addition, Opera has many unique features compared to Google Chrome or Firefox that you may not know. Like how to turn off IDM CC on Opera, for example, how?Turning on and off IDM CC on Opera is no different from other browsers, read more on Moreover, Opera also has a very cool feature that allows you to block Youtube ads on Opera, this is really a useful feature that other browsers do not have, refer to the article on how to do this. Block Youtube ads on Opera and follow it.

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