How to reduce photo size on the latest computer and phone

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Reducing image size is one of the popular tricks used by many people to help compress small image files to store more images but still ensure the best image quality.

Currently, there are many ways to help users reduce the image size, but reducing the image size will also reduce the quality of the image, so to reduce the image size 2022 on computers, phones and tablets. If the quality of the phone is not reduced, readers can refer to the instructions in the article below and follow.

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How to reduce image size 2022

Instructions to reduce image size on phones and computers.

I. How to reduce the image size on the computer

1. Quick Guide

Access web => Select Upload => Select Image => Adjustment Compression level => Select Compress => Select Download to download photos.

2. Detailed instructions

This is a way to reduce the size of Online photos on your computer, so you need to make sure your computer has an internet connection.

Step 1: Access HERE
Step 2:
Here you choose the item Upload to upload the image you want to compress.

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Step 3: After you have selected the image you want to reduce the size of, you can adjust the bar Compression level to adjust the image compression level.

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Step 4: Select Compress to reduce the image size then press Download to download the compressed image.

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After reducing the image size and downloading the image, you can open the image directly by clicking on the downloaded image as shown below.

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In addition, readers can also refer to the top image compression software, reduce the best image size here to optimize images to free up memory space or reduce the time it takes to upload photos on the Web or social networking sites. festival.

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II. How to reduce photo size on phone

1. Quick Guide

Open the app Compress => Select Select Photos to Compress => Select Image want to reduce the size => Select Compress => Select Keep 1 Original to complete.

2. Detailed instructions

Step 1: Download and install the Compress Photos & Pictures application here: Download Compress Photo And Pictures for iPhone
Step 2: Open Compress on the phone => Select Select Photos to Compress.

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Step 3: Here choose photo want to reduce the size => Select next to continue the image size reduction process. Now you can adjust Image quality (Photo Quality) and Size photo (photo dimensions) then press Compress for the application to compress images.

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Step 4: The process of reducing the image size will take place in a few seconds. You will get the parameters before and after reducing the image size then press Keep 1 Original to keep the original or if you don’t want to keep the original you can choose Delete Original.

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The above is a guide for you to read how to reduce the image size on computers and phones quickly and simply while keeping the original quality, without blurring or blurring the image.

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