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Web game is an online multiplayer fighter shooting game launched by the developer of the same name in 2015. If you are a fan of trying out fiery battles in the air, then Let’s try this special game on the web platform right away. is a game that was first released last April on the iOS platform, unfortunately this game is not available on Android yet.

Download on iOS Download here: Wings.ios for iPhone

However, now the game has a web version as the first beta so that users can easily play on computers.

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As soon as you open the game at the address wings.iothe first impression of many people will be the beautiful interface and graphics of iOS version almost put on the web version.

The user’s goal when playing the game will be to try to destroy other aircraft with aerobatics and the use of missiles. Basically the game content is quite similar to some games like and

The player with the highest score in the gold ranking will be awarded a crown right on top of the plane. However, this title will be difficult to keep for long if that player is “treated well” by other opponents.

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The advantage of this way of playing online is that it is difficult for us to cheat when playing in large numbers, because each player will be randomly assigned to each game screen.

Each plane will have a blue bar below to show energy and also the player’s survivability. Fortunately, even when hit by bullets, you can eat the yellow dots that appear on the screen to heal.

Like many other games, also provides users with a lot of special item packages that provide weapons such as rockets, pistols, diamonds or a purple fist, etc.

In some of the most recent betas, you’ve been able to kill an enemy that once “killed” you, copying the link to the room to share with friends.

Especially the game also has the feature of customizing graphics for machines with weak configuration.

How to play and some tips when playing the game

To play the game, follow the instructions below of

Step 1: Visit the site. At the main interface, you can enter a nickname (player nickname) and press Play to play. also provides basic instructions for users on how to play games in English with the following content: Move your mouse to control your plane. Click or press space to shoot. This guide means that, you can move the plane by hovering, left clicking or using spacebar to shoot.

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Step 2: After entering the player name, you press Play to start the game screen.

Step 3: The game will arrange you in each room to play randomly with all players in the world.

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As mentioned above, your goal is to destroy the opponent’s planes around or to quickly reach the top of the leaderboard, your first task is to hunt down the player with the top crown. head.

Step 4: If you are defeated by the enemy or by diving into the sea and lose too much energy. the game will end.

You may be asked if you want to continue playing a new level or switch to player view. The game will also count down 10 seconds to automatically return to the original screen setting mode.

* Some tactics when playing the game:

– The King Steal: Always hunt down and destroy the crown holder

– The Water Skier: Hide in the sea and shoot down players with low energy.

– The Cowards Play: Hide behind other players to make them a substitute.

– The Dog Fighter: Direct combat in the air.

– The Ballerina: fly around the opponent to distract and destroy the enemy.

– The Kill Streaker: Kill as many players as possible to become the top of the leaderboard.

– The Snipers: Sniper enemy from a distance.

– The Healer: Hunt for gold dots to restore energy and gain strength to destroy enemies.

– The Revenge Killer: Hunt the one who destroyed you.

In addition, there are many other strategies that players can discover on their own to achieve the highest score in each level and win against other players.

wingsio game ban may bay tren desktop 4 - Emergenceingame is a very interesting game that everyone should experience. If you also have a preference for fighting games related to aircraft, you can play more Legendary Fighter titles. Currently the game also has versions for Android and iPhone.

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Wish you have fun playing the game.

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