How to play VNG Jokesman on the phone

New jokes and arrogance VNG is a swordplay role-playing game that is being loved by a lot of people today. With gameplay that emphasizes freedom and autonomy, it helps players to choose their development direction and destiny. This game is built on the very famous novel Tieu Ngieu Giang Ho by writer Kim Dung.

Especially in this game, we will be joining one of the five great sects in the novel such as: Hoa Son, Shaolin, Hang Son, Vo Dang and Nhat Nguyet Than Giao, and there are 10 character types for players to choose from. The following will be a guide download and play Tan jokingly VNG on your phone, please follow the article.

Instructions on how to install VNG Karma on your phone

The following article will be the steps to install this game on Android, in addition you can also do the same for iOS or click the download button below.

Download Nonsense VNG on Android Download Nonsense VNG on iOS

Step 1: At the home page of the Google Play app store, then click search box at the top of the screen.

Step 2: Enter keywords New jokes and arrogance VNG, then press the button Search.

Step 3: Touch the button Setting.

Step 4: Wait a moment for the download of this game to your phone is completed, then press the button Open to start playing this game.

Click Search Press the Install buttonTouch the Open button

How to play VNG Jokesman for beginners

Step 1: The first on the screen will display the introduction and the terms of the game system sent to the players, press the button Agree to accept the game’s terms.

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Press the OK button

Step 2: At this point, there is a video telling the main story of the game, touch the screen to skip.

Watch the plot video

Step 3: Please wait a moment, for the system to download the game data.

Wait for the game data to load

Step 4: Then tap the item Into Jiang Ho.

Press the Enter button

Step 5: Sign in the game with your account Zing ID, Facebook, Zalo or press the button Play now to start playing this game.

Sign in to your account

Step 6: Next, touch the item Sever in the right corner of the screen.

Click on the Sever item

Step 7: Choose a server For your account, currently this game has a number of servers for players to choose from such as: Commands Ho Xung, Dong Phuong, Vo Dang, Shaolin, Hang Son, Nhat Nguyet, Hoa Son, …

Choose a server

Step 8: Click representative image of the sect that I want to join, there are 5 sects including: Hoa Son, Shaolin, Hang Son, Vo Dang, Nhat Nguyet, …

Choose a sect

Step 9: Choose character type that I want to incarnate, depending on the sect that the player has chosen to join before, there will be different types such as: tWorkshop female, chief male, small sister, minor.

Choose a character type

Step 10: Establish shaping the character by editing parts like: clothes, hair, eyes, mouth, …, then press the button Next on the bottom left of the screen.

Shaping the character

Step 11: Name the character button, then press the button Into Gypsy.

Name the character

Step 12: Follow the instructions of the game so that you can get familiar with the basic game operations such as:

  • Touch and move circle on the left side of the screen, to move the character.
  • Click sword icon to attack the enemy.
  • Press symbols of skills to exert great skill to destroy the enemy.
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Get familiar with the basic operations

Step 13: After passing the screen familiarizing with the basic operations, in the main scene of the game click Mission, to complete the tasks set out by the game and receive rewards.

Click on the character

Step 14: Click on the item Handbag on the right side of the screen, to open the equipment feature. Touch the Equipment that you have got to use it.

Equip characters for the character

Step 15: Finally, try to complete the mission and start traveling with this role-playing game.

Wish you all success!

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