How to play Tofu Girl – Cute tofu girl

Tofu Girl

Tofu Girl is a very cute game and has appeared on previous Nokia phones. Now, with a modern smartphone, this game once again appears with the same gameplay but adds a lot of details and beautiful graphics. Let learn how to play Tofu Girl through the following article.

Tofu Girl

How to play Tofu Girl – Cute tofu girl

First you download and install Tofu Girl:

Download Tofu Girl for iOS Download Tofu Girl for Android

After installation is complete, go to the game and press the button Go to start playing.

Press the Go button

The gameplay is very simple: Just tap the screen to let the girl jump up and dodge the tofu being pushed out. At the same time, when the girl’s feet touched the tofu, the tofu stopped. Therefore, you also need to be skillful to jump so that the beans are aligned, not skewed because it will be easy to fall when up.

Jump up

If you don’t dodge it or the tofu pile falls over, you will lose. At this point, you can respawn to continue playing by pressing the button watch video appear.

Press the button to watch the video

After losing, you will also receive a gift box if you jump over the tofu shaped gift during the game. Of course, you must watch the video to receive it.

huong dan tofu girl 4 - Emergenceingame

When she fails, the girl will skydive to look “cute” from above.

The girl parachuted down

To buy more costumes for the girl, you press the button of the old man in the lower right corner of the main screen.

Buy clothes for girls

In the store, press the button Purchase at the bottom to buy a random outfit.

Buy outfits

Once you have a new outfit, you can change the character’s clothes by pressing the dress-shaped button in the lower left corner of the main screen.

huong dan tofu girl 9 - Emergenceingame

Have a nice relaxing time with Tofu Girl!

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