How to play the Water squad in TFT season 2

Teamfight Tactics season 2 League of Legends has a lot of changes compared to season 1, especially in the issue of Clans and Attributes. In the current lineups of Teamfight Tactics, the squad that uses the Water Tribe is being popular thanks to its special ability. Join Taimienphi to learn about how to operate this squad below.

Water is a new Race added to Teamfight Tactics season 2 with the ability to restore energy to your entire squad. The Water squad is highly appreciated in the Arena of Truth season 2 when it has the ability to activate the clan easily, the effect for the whole team is extremely beneficial and is a race that is easy to coordinate with other races.

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Very good Water lineup in Teamfight Tactics season 2.

Overview of the Water lineup in TFT season 2

how to play water in dtcl buy 2 2

Tribe Country will restore the entire squad for 15/30/50 mana according to 2/4/6 Water-type champions in the squad. Ability energy recovery, which is only available in equipment in the League of Legends season 1 Arena of Truth, players can now be more active in controlling their energy, thereby opening up the possibility of extremely strong combinations. strong for the entire Water squad.

The formations that coordinate well with the Water Tribe.

1. Water – Witch.

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When it comes to the ability to use a lot of energy to use skills, of course we all think of a combination of Country and Witch. Witches have always been a system that requires a lot of energy to be able to use skills continuously, and Water is the perfect addition to this squad. Formation Water Witch is a very strong squad in terms of ability to deal magic damage, and with the addition of resistance from Ho Return, it is one of the most effective squads currently.

2. Water – Summon – Fire – Witch.

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This is a combination of many Clans and Attributes with the connection point being the Water system. Summon, Fire and Witch are both extremely energy intensive and Water’s ability to provide energy is excellent to complement these Clans and Attributes. A special feature of the Water system is to possess 2 Guardian helps to increase the resistance of the whole squad. This lineup is the one that is used a lot thanks to its customization ability.

Note when using the Water formation.

– Water formation is very easy to activate when only 2 pieces are needed, especially coordination with the Witch is very good when already in the squad of 2 Witches.

– With matches where the element of Water is added, you can completely aim for a 6 Water lineup with the addition of Qiyana. The formation of 6 Kingdoms 6 Witches is a squad capable of dealing extremely terrible damage

how to play water in dtcl buy 2 5

Squad 6 Kingdoms 6 Witches Tactics – TFT-mua-2-54095n.aspx
Above is a guide to playing the Water squad in the Arena of Truth season 2, you can see more lineups Shadow Summoning squad for more options while playing Teamfight Tactics season 2.

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