How to play the classic Lines 98 game

Lines 98 - Emergenceingame

Lines 98, Pikachu, and Flag Caro have always been office games that attract a large number of players. Although Lines 98 was born a long time ago, it has always been attractive to players, because of its simple gameplay, beautiful graphics, and the ability to show off your skillful arrangement to score a lot of points, reaching the top of players get the highest score.

The classic Lines 98 game interface is a square consisting of 9 horizontal rows, 9 vertical rows, creating 81 small squares, each ball will have different colors such as: Red, orange, yellow, blue … Mission Your arrangement is so that there are at least 5 balls of the same color lying on a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row to score. After each move will spawn 3 new balls with a random color and position.

Lines 98 game interface

You need to calculate and arrange cleverly so that the number of balls disappearing is greater than the number of balls spawned, otherwise they will occupy all 81 squares and the game will be over! It sounds simple, but the reality is not that simple, you need to play many times to accumulate more experience, as well as skillfully calculate your moves.

Video instructions to install and play the game Lines 98

To improve your skills of playing Lines 98, you can refer to some tips below:

Tips to play the game Lines 98 high scores

  • Always observe the overview closely to make the most of the horizontal, vertical, and diagonal rows with pieces of the same color.
  • Arrange not only 5 but even 6, 7 or 8 balls in a row.
  • Be persistent, do not rush.
  • When I first played, I only ate 5 less, because I got less points.
  • Arrange multiple colors at once, to create water waiting.
  • Occasionally go wrong UndoBut don’t overdo it, it loses its appeal.
  • Stowed neatly in the corner and close to the edge, avoiding rampant stacking, difficult to see, and difficult to join to eat points.
  • Wait for row 3, then wait next.
  • Calculate holes for next turn, no way to move.

Tips to play Lines 98 get high scores

After playing high scores, remember to save the score to compare with other players offline. To save the points you need to play until the game is over. With the above tips, hopefully you will have the right moves, get very high scores to compete with friends and other players.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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