How to play PUBG Mobile Spring Festival

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The PUBG Mobile Spring Festival event will start from today and last until February 6, 2020, players are required to collect a number of items in exchange for the Reformed Ao Dai and other free equipment.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile one of Battle Royale game The most played at the moment, there are many events that have taken place in the game. These events offer some free items that can be redeemed by completing certain quests. Meanwhile, some other items can only be purchased using microtransactions, purchased with deposits.

how to play pubg mobile

Spring Party – PUBG Mobile Spring Festival.

Instructions for participating in the PUBG Mobile Spring Festival event

PUBG Mobile Spring Festival also known as Spring Party is an event where players can have a chance to get lots of free rewards. So the main question is how to earn free rewards? Very simple, you only need to play classic matches to collect 10 lantern materials per day.

Step 1: Start PUBG Mobile on your Mobile mobile device or Android emulator.

– Link to download Android version: PUBG Mobile for Android
– Link to download iOS version: PUBG Mobile for iPhone

Step 2: At the main interface, click on the Spring Party event icon to access the event redemption information page.

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Step 3: You need to collect all 5 types of materials to conduct a reward exchange, every time you complete a lantern you will receive the corresponding reward, the highest reward in the PUBG Mobile Spring Festival event is the Outfit. Innovation Ao Dai.

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During the PUBG Mobile Spring Festival event, players need to participate in classic matches and collect up to 10 bags of materials per day. Each bag contains different materials and you need to collect 5 of them to craft the Lantern. Once completed, using them will give you rewards including Lucky Charms, Umbrellas, Wing skins, permanent skins, and coupons.

Furthermore, unused materials can be exchanged (traded) with friends in the game or vice versa. Materials donated by friends can go to the event gift history page to receive, in case you do not receive them in time, they will be returned. And of course, after the PUBG Mobile Spring Festival event ends, unused materials will be converted into BP and sent to your mailbox.
Now the developers have allowed players Download and install PUBG Mobile 0.17.0, experience updated versions of survival shooters before they are officially released on all regional servers.

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