How to play MU Awaken VNG on the computer

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MU Awaken VNG is a follow-up product after MU Strongest released by VNG, Playing MU Awaken VNG on PC as a way of experience is chosen by many players, If you have a good computer or laptop, install an application. Simulate and battle the game right away.

MU Awaken VNG officially launched on November 15 on mobile platforms, experiencing MU Awaken VNG on PC with an emulator gives you a more interesting feeling and many utilities that this type brings.

how to play mu awakening on computer

Download MU Awaken VNG – MU game suggests golden role-playing memories

– Download MU Awaken VNG for Android
– Download MU Awaken VNG for iPhone

Must-have apps

– To experience MU Awaken VNG on your computer, you need the PC emulator application Bluestacks. So players need to install this software in their computer, refer to the details on how use Bluestacks that we introduced.

– Game MU Awaken VNG is downloaded from Google Play Store.

Instructions on how to play MU Awaken VNG on the computer

Step 1: Search and install games

On the main screen interface of Bluestacks, type in the search engine box the game name is “mu awaken vng”, then click the magnifying glass icon next to it or press Enter to look up the results.

how to play mu awakening on computer 2

The game appears in the Google Play Store app store, you click on the game to enter the main interface.

Step 2: Game settings

The player presses the button Install (Install) to download the game to your computer. The system will automatically download data for you in 10 seconds because the game size is very small, so it’s easy and convenient. Note that the game is quite large to more than 1.3 GB, so it takes about 1 minute to load the game.

how to play mu awakening on computer 3

how to play mu awakening on computer 4

Step 3: Start up and update data

Open the game by pressing Open (Open) directly from the Google Play interface or go back to the Bluestacks mobile emulator screen and click on the game icon.

how to play mu awakening on computer 5

MU Awaken VNG game will automatically update you to the latest version by automatically downloading data to your device. Then you can log in to play with Zing system accounts such as Zing ID, Zalo in addition to Facebook, Gmail or Play now (as Guest). If you have registered a Zing account, you should use this type because it is convenient in the process of loading cards as well as solving problems during the game if you have problems.

Step 4: Gaming

In the game, you can choose 1 of 5 character classes including Sword Man using powerful wings, Archer equipped with phalaenopsis wings, Magician with angel wings, Magic Sword Man using powerful guardian wings. serious or classes Darklord – sorceress with wings of a shining aura. Each character has its own unique, beautiful visual appearance

for gamers to choose to start wandering the big world.

how to play mu awakening on computer 6

With beautiful shapes, each class makes gamers attracted to different details. After that, you can name your character and start experiencing MU Awaken VNG on Bluestacks. The dense mainline quest system allows you to earn initial experience and basic skins. The more missions later, the player has the opportunity to own more valuable items.

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