How to play basketball on Facebook Messenger

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Good news for basketball loversFacebook Messenger has just integrated more basketball games right in the chat interface so that users can chat and play games against their friends. Currently, it supports both Android and iOS platforms, and Windows Phone users have to wait a while longer.

Instructions to play basketball game on Facebook Messenger

To play basketball game users need to upgrade Facebook Messenger to the latest version. Access to the messaging section, select a person or any group of people want to challenge and click on the icon ball shape on the keyboard (as shown in the picture), choose the card with ball-shaped, then choose next Icon basketball.

Click on the globe iconClick the balloon iconClick on the basketball icon

Then, you continue to touch the basketball icon sent to start playing the game. The gameplay is relatively simple, users just need to use their fingers to swipe the ball from the bottom up, so that it falls into the hole. When 10 points are passed, the basketball post will not stand still but move, so be careful to put the ball into the basket.

Play basketball gameBasketball game interfaceBasketball game

Video tutorial to play basketball on Facebook

Now when using Facebook Messenger to chat you can still play chess game, play basketball for entertainment with friends. Isn’t that great?

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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