How to play AOE Empire with Ego Play

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Ego Play is one of the new AOE Empire playing software of Ego Media Company, officially launched not long ago, with improvements and new features Ego Play ensures to satisfy the passion of AOE fans. .

Although released more than a decade ago, the game Empire, AOE still has appeal for most ages and shows no signs of slowing down. By playing AOE Empire on Ego Play, gamers who love strategy games can certainly have access to other players around the world who share the same passion and interests as them.

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Tips to play Empire, online AOE game with Ego Play

Instructions to play Empire, AOE with Ego Play

Step 1: Of course, if you want to play Empire online with Ego Play, your computer must first have the software and game, download it from the link below if you don’t have it.
– Download link Ego Play latest version.
– Instruct Download and install EGO PLAY.
– Download Empire here

Step 2: Start Ego Play after successful installation, fill in your account information and password in the empty box => Click Log in.
=> Reference how to create account EGO PLAY

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Step 3: At the Ego Play main screen after logging in, click Enter the Game immediately appear interface or icon icon AOE Empire on the bar Menu left side.
– If the system appears the settings panel VPN Server, please wait for the installation process to complete and then continue to operate.

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Step 4: The list of AOE Empire playrooms on Ego Play appears, there is a lot of information listed such as Room ID room name, room master, number of players joined … here divided into 2 cases.
1. Create a new game room invite friends
– If you are the host (Host) invite your friends to play AOE Empire with Ego Play, then press the button Create room below => fill in room name and enter password (if needed) => click Create room Again,

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– The system automatically starts the game Empire AOE and number Room ID yours appears in the Chat window in the game, Room ID is the number you give others to find (join) your host faster.

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2. Enter a room created by a friend
– Pretty simple, you just take Room ID provided by friends or other players enter in the box below and click the search icon Search.

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– Search results appear, click Into the to join a friend’s host or another player. In case the system requires a password, please enter the password provided by the Host owner with the Room ID.

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If after installing Ego Play you can’t access other people’s rooms or can’t create rooms, follow these steps:
– Go to the folder containing the installation Ego Play.
– Select folder Games => launch file Dplay60a.Exe as shown below.

how to play mask online bang ego play
Hopefully with Taimienphi’s guide on how to play Empire online with Ego Play, it will bring you great experiences, meet and interact with top gamers in the world with just a few simple steps. There are a lot of errors that appear when playing AOE, please refer Errors when playing Empire See you here if they appear.

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