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How to play 8×8 map in Rules Of Survival game

The battle of survival in Rules Of Survival was inherently fierce, it is now more fierce when updating the 8×8 map, allowing 300 people to fight. This new Fearless Fiord map also has 2 planes, flying in two different directions, making it more difficult to skydive. So, please refer to the article below to know how to play this new 8×8 map:

Rules Of Survival: The Law of Survival Rules Of Survival

How to play 8×8 map game Rules Of Survival

Customize game controls

8×8 maps support up to 300 players, requiring you to react more quickly to become the last survivor. So, adjusting the controls and buttons displayed on the screen accordingly, feeling most convenient is extremely important:

Just click Settings in the top right corner of the main interface of the game Rules Of Survival, customize as follows:

  • Advanced Mode: This mode will give you more flexibility when aiming. Just click on the card Advance, choose Advanced Mode is done.
  • Leaning feature: Switch to card Operation, drag the slider on the item Tilt operation to ON to enable leaning when shooting.

Turn on the tilt feature

For car controls, you should use Sports Mode, instead of D-pad style like other maps.

Choose your outfit

It’s a good idea to wear outfits that have a tone similar to your surroundings, making it difficult for the other party to detect you. This way is extremely useful when school, crawling. Though the bright, beautiful red outfits are beautiful, they should not be used in the war of survival.

Choose your outfit

Standard parachute

Map 8×8 has up to 2 different 2-way planes, each plane holds 150 players, so parachuting requires more skills and experience. You should avoid central areas, intersections, try to parachute to the edges of the map to avoid collisions with opponents.

Standard parachute

Just be slower than the others, and you will be shot in an instant. Jump quickly, accurately, and then search for self-defense weapons to expect to survive to the end. You can see more articles on how to skydive in ROS to get more experience.

Delicious loot place

This map is up to 64km2 wide, you should choose for yourself a place with many delicious and less dangerous items to quickly pick up a lot of necessary weapons and equipment. There are 8 delicious loot locations in the 8×8 map such as: Sirius Port, Crescent Bay, Oil Factory, Fortune Island, Area 42, Power Station, Sewage Plant, Traffic Hub. Typically Area 42 has planes, many players want to own them.

Delicious loot place

It is best to find yourself a car or boat to go to safe places. When you feel safe, feel free to loot without any precaution. Pay attention when picking up items, to avoid being shot by others.

Use tactics

To be the last survivor, you need to use tactics. Think carefully before making any decision, do not rush. Only fight when you feel like there is no better choice right now. Also, do not fight outside of the circle as players in the circle will know where you are. At that time you have to run while fighting will be much more dangerous.

Use tactics


The battle of 300 people in the 8×8 map is even more fierce, if you want to survive until you need to find a safe hiding place. Waiting for the opportunity is to aim, attack the target. Do not be busy moving from one area to another but “lose the life” like playing. In the case of forced to move, please move sit, as well as only move when a new circle appears.

When the battle is about 30 people, open the map to see the circle. Then predict where it will gradually narrow down to find the appropriate hiding position. Just hiding can help you survive up to 2/3 of the game.

Choose a means of transportation

Rules Of Survival is also extremely important, in the Fearless Fiord map, the terrain is mostly swamp, so you should use boats more than cars when in the beginning of the game. When necessary, you can use the vehicle to move into a safe area or escape dangerous situations. There is a very useful secret that you never drive to the place where you need to go, but stop nearby, then walk in to avoid being heard by the vehicle engine, and then know your location.

Choose a means of transportation

Observe the circle

The circle will decide your survival in the survival game Rules Of Survival, you can also apply the tips to play effective in the last circle on this 8×8 map. When the battle has only about 30 players left, the circle starts to collect faster so you should be extremely careful. If you are in the final minutes of the game and out of the circle you will not have a chance to survive.

Always be on guard

The 300-player war will be much more dramatic than 120 people, so you must always be on the alert. The game allows you to automatically lock when running, so remember to click eye icon on the screen, then swipe right and left to look around you as you run.

Always be on guard

This way you can see everything around, every time you want to move from one point to another, look around 1 round to see if it is safe, then move.

Be patient

The battle for survival requires you to be very patient, not in a hurry, just hiding and watching will also help you survive up to 2/3 of the way. If you rush into the fight you will risk being killed in the beginning of the game.

The last war

The final battles in the 8×8 map are also much more difficult, instead of having 6 people fighting, there will be about 15 people. Now you need to find a tree, wall or anywhere feels safe to hide, to ensure that you do not get sneaked from behind.

Hopefully the above article will help you accumulate more experience and skills to become the last survivor in the game Rules Of Survival. If you want to experience the version for your phone, you can download it here:

Rules Of Survial for Android Rules Of Survial for iOS

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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