How to own a dog in the game Adorable Home

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Adorable Home is a simulation game where you search for love and collect hearts to buy furniture, decorate your living room, bedroom….and many more cats. How about dogs in the game Adorable Home?

One of the most common questions about the game Adorable Home is how to get the dogs. This is made even more interesting by the fact that HyperBeard Games, the developer of HyperBeard, has been releasing a series of images on social media of Adorable Home dogs for the past several weeks.

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Tips for getting a dog in the game Adorable Home

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If you go to HyperBeard’s Twitter account, you’ll see an almost endless amount of pictures of dogs in the game Adorable Home, even dogs and cats together in one photo, some of which have appeared. currently in the game, the rest are still nowhere to be seen.

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HyperBeard even consults players directly about what’s coming in the upcoming update, the Tweet has posted a significant amount of photos with some information about the Adorable Home dogs, which can HyperBeard is implying that the next update will be extremely hot

– Link to download Android version: Adorable Home for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Adorable Home for iPhone

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So, to own a dog in the Adorable Home game, you have to wait for the next update to come out. Set a mode to notify your phone when the game Adorable Home has the latest update, or let them automatically download the update. A new menu of options will then appear inside the store, allowing you to buy a dog box as well as a cat box, or the Cat Box changes to a Pet Box.

The possibility that you can play with your dogs and feed them to get the Adorable Home heart, taking care of them in one way or another just like you can with cats. the time to eat is short and the food will be more expensive for example.

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To get access to dog ownership in the game Adorable Home earlier than other players, the fastest way to do that is to become a participant in the Adorable Home Beta. Visit the link below to become one of the experiencers of the latest version of Adorable Home, an extremely attractive virtual life simulation game.
– Instruct Update Adorable Home here at the earliest.

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