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Many Play Together players have wondered and asked Taimienphi whether it is possible to name spaces, spaces with spaces in the Play Together game? If you have a similar question, then refer to the article below for how to name the Play Together space.

Similar to games Free Fire, Arena of valor or PUBG Mobileplayers in Play Together can also name spaces for characters or pets, using special characters name the void Play Together.

Play together

How to name space characters in the game Play Together

Instructions for naming spaces and spaces Play Together

Step 1: Duplicate the space character, the space named Play Together is in the table below of Taimienphi, a special character form.

Step 2: Log into the game Play Together, go to the Play Together pet name change or Character’s name up to you => enter characters you want to name and paste whitespace copied above=> press Save.
– VD: We named Play Together pets “BATHROOM

Play together

Step 3: After pressing Save, the Play Together pet name has been changed. You can do the same thing renaming your Play Together character with a similar space.

how to play together

Play together
Play Together is an online horizontal adventure role-playing game containing many fascinating mini-games, where you can fulfill your dreams by buying a house, decorating, fishing, playing games, traveling. ….with friends. The naming of the Play Together character always shows the level, making a strong impression on other players.

Reference: Code Play Together

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