How to name Free Fire 2021 with special characters

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Free Fire allows the player to give the player a unique and stylish name with all types of characters. Of course, to rename in Free FireYou will have to spend a certain amount of diamonds. If you are willing to spend money on this, why not name Free Fire 2021 with a special letter instead of a simple and boring name?

With an extremely large player base, Free Fire Definitely one of the most popular mobile survival shooter titles over the years. In addition to an ID, each player in the game also has a nickname. It can be said that the more unique your name is, the easier it will be to distinguish you from other players.

The name is unique in character in free fire

Instructions for naming with special characters in Garena Free Fire

Naming an impressive Free Fire name, in fact, is not difficult and in this article, will guide you how to name Free Fire 2021 with special characters.

Instructions for naming Free Fire 2021 with special characters

To name Free Fire with special characters, do the following:

Step 1: Visit some special character name creation websites for Free Fire like,,,, In this article, will ask the help of the website

Name free fire 2021 with special character

Step 2: Enter a name in the text box, and choose the font and style you want according to the choices each website offers.

My name is FF by special specification

Step 3: Copy options that you like.

using special characters named in free fire

Step 4: Open Free Fire and tap character icon.

The name of the character is specific in free fire

Step 5: Touch edit button below your profile and paste your new name in the text box.

Name free fire with special characters

Note that you need to pay 390 diamonds to rename in Free Fire.

Name free fire 2021 with special character

You can also refer to and choose from some good names with special techniques in Free Fire here.

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With just a few simple steps, you have a very unique name that helps you stand out from the crowd. is one of the most popular sites used by Fire Fire players to create stylish nicknames, but you can also visit lots of other sites as suggested in the post or do a random search above. network. In addition to the support web, you can also write your own special characters in the Free Fire game

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