How to make money on GTA with Gunrunning

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The Gunrunning feature in GTA allows players to participate in the journey to approach the activities of new criminals. Gunrunning is constantly changing and it is not easy for players to both run and shoot at the same time. Although quite expensive, but Gunrunning also helps players earn a lot of money. Let’s learn about how to make money with Gunrunning in GTA Online with!

In GTA, if you can’t get the Criminal Enterprise Starter pack from Paleto Bay forest because these jungle quests are not easy to do, there is also a 2nd vault that you can find to earn money. However, it will take you about $1,165,000.

how to make money on gta with gunrunning

How to make money on GTA with Gunrunning

To the weapons produced in Gunrunning To make a profit, you need to get rid of the Paleto vault first. Then you have to buy all the latest and Chuumash again. The good news is that all of these are 40% off.

Then you just go around and take part in the races and fights. Next go back to your vault and look at your guard screen. By doing these simple things, even if you are not in the mood to play, you will get coins every 2.5 hours.

how to make money on gta with gunrunning 2

With vault in GTA, you can easily earn up to 2 million$ per day, maybe more with an MC. In GTA’s Gunrunning update, keep these things in mind to make more money:

1) Avoid unnecessary spending and buying things that don’t make you much money.
2) Take advantage of the weeks in your favor as the weeks when you get paid double for the easy work.
Currently GTA 5 is the latest version, there are many tips for you to make money fast in the game, if you do not know the secret, please refer to How to make money in GTA 5 fast here.

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