How to let people find their way in the AOE empire

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Letting people find their way in the AOE Empire is an indispensable skill while playing this strategy game. To be able to find food such as deer, elephants and fruit, to avoid shortages, to arrive late. In this article, will guide you how to let people find their way in the AOE Empire.

In addition to dividing people and developing, letting people find their way in the AOE empire also needs a lot of different tips. Finding the way is not difficult, the difficulty here is how to find the food early, giving you great advantages for finishing the game faster.

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How to let people find their way in the AOE empire

How to let people find their way in the AOE empire

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Real detection is an important factor that determines the match

How to let people find the way

– Number of people: One people will not be enough when facing difficult cases. If the first person goes to search for a round and has not found any food, you should bring another person to search, it will increase more efficiency in finding food.

– Assign numbers to people to search (also known as placing orders): For people who are scouting, you should assign a religion, to ensure more effective tracking (How to assign: Left-click on the people to be assigned, press Ctrl+1 or Ctrl+2 … depending on what you want. assigned to the people).

– Scan around the main house: The experience of the top 1 AOE players is often for people to search the directions around their main house.

– Do not miss the black shadow: Do not miss a single shadow, sometimes even a very small shadow can be 1 or 2 elephants in it.

– Make the most of the wide shadow of the people: To improve the detection efficiency to the maximum, you should take advantage of the people’s shadow. Detecting food helps you make the most of your time in terms of food. In AOE, Macedonia has the widest probe and wide probe is an advantage.

– Tracking in the direction of the bird’s flight:

* Go in the direction there is still white bird If you fly, you will meet fruit mine
* There is a direction to have children black bird you will see deer or elephants

– Tracing straight to the edge of the map: Each person has some way of detecting at the time of the first version, with a top 1 player like chimsedinang, he always scans from the edge of the map on the left or right hand and then turns up.

– People detect the opponent’s house: In a normal solo match, the direction of your house will face the enemy. For example: At 12 o’clock, the enemy will be at 6 o’clock, very rarely the enemy is at 3 and 9 o’clock.

– Flag for the people: You often see the masters planting flags for farmers to scout. To be proficient and fast, you need to go through a fairly long training time. Not only helps farmers to detect but also resist the attack of lions. To have a fast operation like chimedinang with max mouse speed, the time to move hands on the keyboard and mouse will be significantly reduced.
All of the above skills are simple and normal, use your ability and flexibility to let people find their way in the AOE empire on a case-by-case basis. You can also refer to more articles on how to play AOE on such as articles on how to play AOE. Elephant fishing in the EmpireOkay, AOE. Taimienphi wishes readers a happy gaming.

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