How to install the best Free Fire console play

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Play console settings Free Fire for the following 3 and 4 finger swipe styles of Taimienphi will help you really go further, easily manipulate on the phone screen, especially owning many BOOYAH! more.

One of the keys to helping you control your Free Fire character more professionally is to install a good console. You won’t be able to go very far using the default game settings. There are simply too many actions to be performed at the same time such as running, aiming, jumping, … and setting Free Fire’s default console is not optimal for that.

how to install the best free fire control interface

So in this article. Taimienphi will bring you the best way to install the Free Fire console, so that you can start taking the next level, becoming a gamer of escape tactics when confronted with guys. enemy.

What is the installation of the Free Fire console play?

In Free Fire, you can control your character with buttons on the phone screen. You can either use the game’s default button settings or set it up yourself for the most comfortable experience, adjusting the position and size of all buttons so they are in the correct position of your fingers.

how to install the best free fire control interface 2

To install your own Free Fire console, at the main screen interface of the game go to Setting (Setting) located on the top right corner => select Control => click select Customizable Interface under.

How to install the best free fire control interface 3

Install the best console in Free Fire

There are many styles of play and each one of them has a completely separate nuance. For new players, installing the Free Fire console is quite difficult because there are so many buttons and they can’t tell which is the best place for each button.

How to install the best free fire control interface 4

Because there are many different types of Free Fire play control settings, today, Taimienphi will introduce to readers and gamers the best customizations for 3-finger swipe, 4-finger swipe, 2 universal play styles. Most popular Free Fire players are using.

1. Install the console to play Free Fire 3 fingers
In the 3-finger swipe settings, your left thumb controls the character’s movement with the left joystick, your left cursor controls the Fire button (shoot). You use the right thumb to control all other additional actions like jumping, tummy, crouching, aiming, reloading, … You can also switch the Fire button to the right and use the cursor right to control it.

How to install the free fire control interface 5

This style of control is quite easy to learn and very effective, so many players love to use the Free Fire console settings to play with 3-finger swipe. If you’re new to Free Fire, you can start with this setting and then switch to 4-finger swipe play right after. But keep in mind that it’s okay to change the position yourself if you think it’s more appropriate, because the phone and the hand texture of each person is different.

2. Install the console to play Free Fire 4 fingers
The 4-finger Free Fire play control setting is arguably the best setup, and it’s widely used by most professional players. This style of play is much better than the 3-finger swipe (in case you have mastered the 3-finger style). You will be able to control your character as if you were playing Free Fire on the computer.

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How to install the best free fire control interface 6

Of course, mastering the Free Fire 4-finger swipe console is also harder than the 3-finger swipe, you will need a lot of practice. With an additional finger, you can do all kinds of movements like running, jumping and swinging at the same time, making you a really hard target to defeat and a tough opponent to face. .

Above are all the best ways to install the Free Fire console with 3 fingers or 4 fingers, many players set up and use. And you, you are playing Free Fire with console settings settings like. Please comment in the comments below to let everyone know.
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