How to install Minecraft for Linux

Minecraft Linux 2 - Emergenceingame

Minecraft is a sandbox game, a very popular construction game today thanks to its creative gameplay. Currently the game is available on most platforms such as Windows, iOS, Android, Linux.

For most platforms, installing the game should be fine, but for Linux users it will be a bit more complicated. Are you a Linux user and you want to play Minecraft on your device but don’t know what to do? If so please Learn how to install Minecraft for Linux in a simple way!

Note: The operating system that we use as the example in this article is Ubuntu 14.04 but the process is similar on other versions as well.

Step 1: Install the appropriate video card driver:

Minecraft is a 3D game so you should install a 3D graphics card driver to achieve the best image quality. If your device uses an Intel card, you can install the game right away. Although Intel is not as strong NVIDIA good AMD but it is suitable for drivers of Linux devices.

Minecraft for Linux

If your pc is using graphics NVIDIA or AMD you should install the closed source driver. On Ubuntu, you can open it Dash to type the keyword “Drivers“To find the appropriate Control Panel and then click on the icon”Additional Drivers“. When the window Software & Updates appears, select NVDIA or AMD driver and install.

Step 2: Install Java Runtime:

Most Linux segments don’t come with Java, so you’ll need to install it. You have two options: One is OpenJDK is available in the Linux application store, secondly Oracle Java Runtime. The features of these two Java are the same, but Oracle has the ability to improve the quality of the graphics OpenJDK. So we recommend you to use Oracle Java.

If you want to give it a try OpenJDK runtime then go to the Linux application store. Just click on the shopping bag icon on the open desktop Ubuntu Software Center and find “OpenJDK“. Select and install the latest version of OpenJDK.

Minecraft for Linux

Also if you want to install Oracle then you can go to the page to download. Or do the following:

Click on the Dash icon, find Terminal and run the following commands (Press Enter after each command):

sudo apt-add-repository ppa: webupd8team / java
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-installer

Agree to the instructions and accept the license agreement’s Oracle Java:

Minecraft for Linux

Step 3: Download and install Minecraft

  • Click here to download Minecraft for Linux
  • After downloading the file to your computer, right-click it Minecraft.jar and choose Properties. Select a tab Permissions and check the box “Allow executing file as program ”.
  • Then double-click on the file Minecraft.jar and windows Minecraft Launcher appears on the screen. You can now log into the game with your account. If you haven’t bought and played Minecraft before, you can sign up for a new account and play the demo for free.

Minecraft for Linux

Note: If you play Minecraft on other platforms like Windows, you can completely save the game to the Linux system.

Above is the instructions to install Minecraft for Linux. I wish you all success and have fun playing the game!

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