How to install and play PUBG Mobile Lite on a computer

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In its latest updated version, Tencent has allowed some Countries to try the light version of PUBG Mobile was PUBG Mobile Lite on computer using Android emulator. However, if previously only the Philippines were allowed to try it out, now the number of Countries has increased to four.

Which countries can play Pubg Mobile Lite?

Instead of having to use software DNS change, fake IP, now, if you are a resident of one of these four countries, you can download and install PUBG Mobile Lite right on CH Play and play as usual. However, the list of Countries that are supported to play Pubg Mobile Lite is not widely and publicly announced, so how to know if your Country supports downloading this survival shooter or not. issue.

If you want to know if Vietnam is on that list or not? Or when can Vietnamese gamers download and play Pubg Mobile Lite survival games without fake DNS? Please follow the post below.

PUBG Mobile Lite for Android

Step 1: You download the game Pubg Mobile Lite on the emulator as usual, start the game.

Step 2: Touch Help icon (question mark) in the upper right corner of the screen.

The main interface of the game

Step 3: Select next Hot Topics.

Click on Hot Topics

Step 4: Choose the question you’re interested in, like in this post, it’s “Where will this game be lauched?

Choose a question

And finally, when the answer comes up, we can see the answer we need.

AnswerAs such, a number of Countries are now possible download and play Pubg Mobile Lite normally the Philippines, Brazil, India and Indonesia.

In addition, gamers in other countries can still use the way to install XAPK files on the emulator, and change the DNS of the computer to install and play the mobile version of the best survival game today.

Install PUBG Mobile Lite on your computer

PUBG Mobile PUBG Mobile Lite

Because in this article we will need to use the Android emulator, of course, your computer must have installed an emulator software already. The specific emulator we will use in this article is Nox Player – one of the best stable Android emulators and gaming support today.

Step 1: First, visit the PUBG Mobile Lite download support page to download the game’s XAPK file to your computer, then follow the instructions in the guide to install XAPK files for Nox Player emulator to install PUBG Mobile Lite for emulator.

Step 2: As mentioned above, we will need to change the DNS of the computer to be able to play the game, go to the Play Store and download a tool called DNS Changer.

Download the DNS Changer software

Step 3: Wait for the download to complete, you open this DNS change application, touch the above option and change it to Custom DNS (Enter manually). Then proceed to enter the new DNS in 2 lines DNS1 and DNS2 with the new parameter range ““.

Once finished importing, click Start To initiate the connection, it may take a few times, but you try again until the connection is successful, the application will change from blue to green, and display a message. Connected as below.

Change the computer's DNSOpen the game Pubg Mobile Lite

Step 4: You proceed to open the Pubg Mobile Lite game that I installed into the emulator before by:

  • Open APKPure App
  • Touch three dash icon in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Drag the options tabs aside to select them APK / XAPK Management, tap on the PUBG Mobile Lite game icon Open

There are some cases where the game will require an update as below, you choose Install or choose to tag All / Install to continue with the installation

Click Install

Step 5: When the installation is complete, we will be automatically logged into the game, and a familiar interface will appear as below.

Start playing game

You choose the type of account you want to play:

  • Account Guest – Guest
  • Account Google Play
  • Account Facebook

Select Next Agree in the next announcements.

Touch Accept

The last step is to create your own character.

Create a game character Pubg Mobile Lite

Finally, select Start to start playing the game as usual.

Complete game installation

Video instructions for installing and playing PUBG Mobile Lite game on computer (using emulator):

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