How to insert text into photos on iPhone

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Only with the Markup toolkit built into the Photos app on iOS, you can insert text into photos or add captions or add hand-drawn textures to photos on iPhone or iPad without having to install them. add any other apps.

Inserting text into photos on iPhone will make your images more informative. This trick is very suitable for those who are doing business, selling online on Facebook when the image shows full information of the product and the buyer can more easily access.

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How to add text to photos available on iPhone

How to insert text into photos on iPhone

Step 1: Open the app Photos on your device and select the photo you want to add text

Step 2: Choose “Edit

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Step 3: Press 3 dots icon on the right corner of the screen

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Step 4: Press select “Markup”

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Step 5: Choose “+” symbol in the lower right corner of the screen then select “Text”

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Step 6: To edit the content, tap anywhere in the frame “Text”. Press “Aa” icon bottom of the screen to customize the font size. And next to this icon is the color palette of the text.

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Step 7: After completing the content editing step, tap anywhere outside the text frame to use other features of the Markup tool. You can also write your own content with your own fingers with the “pen/marker/pencil” tools.

Step 8: When you have completed the desired tasks, select “Done” in the upper right corner of the screen to save the edited image to the photo library.

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Note: all changes you make to the Markup toolkit will apply directly to the original image without creating a new image file. However, you can undo all of these edits at any time.
Above is how iPhone or iPad users can apply to add / insert text or hand-drawn textures into a photo. In addition, if you are using Photoshop software on your computer and want to insert text into images, please refer to the article on how to insert text into photos in Photoshop.

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