How to get Unlimited Subway Surfers Keys for free

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No need to spend any money to buy Keys in Subway Surfers when you just need to use the methods mentioned by Taimienphi below, with these tips you can quickly get Free Subway Surfers Keys.

Keys Subway Surfers – Keys are one of the most important parts of Subway Surfers because they will allow you to continue your run if you accidentally hit an obstacle. Also using the free Subway Surfers Keys you can also buy different characters, costumes, boards, and more.

how to find keys subway surfers

Tips to get keys in Subway Surfers for free without limit

How to get Free Keys in Subway Surfers

1. Achievement Milestones
Just like most other games, Subway Surfers also has a bunch of achievements that reward you with free keys upon completion, some are very easy to complete, others can be extremely difficult to achieve. , however the time spent on these is totally worth it.

2. Watch ads
Watching ads is the easiest way to get Free Subway Surfers Keys, all you need is an Internet/Wifi connection. You will be asked to watch a video with a duration of 5s to 30s and in return, you will receive the desired reward.

How to find keys to subway surfers

3. Use Code Subway Surfers
Kiloo occasionally releases codes for Subway Surfers that users can redeem for free keys, coins, mystery boxes….and more. However, they often expire early, so make sure to redeem them as soon as possible so you don’t miss out on your free bonus. You can visit Taimienphi’s link below to get the latest Subway Surfers Codes, where we update all codes that work as they appear.

Reference: Code Subway Surfers

how to find keys subway surfers

4. Open the mystery box
While playing the game, you must have received a colorful box called the Mystery Box and upon opening it you will be rewarded with a random in-game item. This includes coins, speedups…. however apart from this you can also get free Subway Surfers Keys from it if you are lucky. However, this method is the least efficient among the rest mentioned, since the probability of getting free keys from it is quite low.

5. Season Hunt
Season Hunt is an event in Subway Surfers like the Battle Pass of many other games. You will have to collect seasonal tokens while playing Subway Surfers and level up. The quest is pretty easy to complete and will reward you with free Subway Surfers keys.
If you are playing Subway Surfers then surely know Keys is an extremely rare item, for Free-to-play gamers getting unlimited Subway Surfers Keys for free is completely rewarding, don’t forget to like & Share this article to other players so they can have more tips like you.

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