How to get Pauline in Mario Kart Tour

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How to get Pauline in Mario Kart Tour is a common question for gamers close by, for those who can’t wait for their chance to own the mayor of New Donk, here’s how to get one was Pauline in the Mario Kart Tour.

Pauline character in Mario Kart Tour is a mayor possessing terrible strength, many gamers have wished once to control her to run on challenging tracks, and to receive Pauline, it is not. simple.


Pauline – The beautiful ruler in Mario Kart Tour

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How to get Pauline in Mario Kart Tour

Pauline is the exclusive character of the first New York City Mario Kart Tour. Items and characters can be unlocked using Pipes, a gacha-style mechanic that many mobile gamers may already be familiar with. To be able to open a Pipes once, the player must use a certain number of Diamond Rubies (which can be obtained by completing races and opening Tour Gifts or through microtransactions). Using a Pipes allows the player to receive different characters, gliders or karts, each with their own unique opportunities.


Nintendo has previously revealed the spawn rates for all the characters and items in the game. Located in the rare tier of High-End Spotlight along with the Yellow Taxi glider and the Fare Flier glider, Pauline has a spawn rate of about 1% when you use the pipe. As one of the rarest characters in the game, so far Pauline can only be obtained for a limited time, players must be extremely lucky or crush Rubies to have a chance to own this character.


Players lucky enough to receive Pauline during the Mario Kart Tour will have access to the Item Lucky 7 ability. When used, the Lucky 7 item surrounds her kart with various items from Mario Kart, protecting her from harm or letting her destroy other racers.
Also you can refer Mario Kart Tour Character Ranking, choose a character that suits your tactical playstyle, make the most of their ability to win over other gamers in races.

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